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China has 4 megacities of over 10 million people the most of any country.

Hummer drivers get almost 5 times as many tickets as the U.S. national average for all vehicles according to a 2009 study.

For every 1 million tons of oil shipped about 1 ton is spilled.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Two-thirds of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss.

Signs that a circling shark will attack: it will hunch its back lower its pectoral fins and swim in zigzag motions.

Medicinal Marijuana is Considered Kosher in Some Cases by Judaism.

100million people in China live on less than US$1 per day.

The top ten deadliest snakes can be found in Australia.

Ithyphallophobia is the fear of erections.

On average a hedgehog’s heart beats 300 times a minute.

Leonardo Da Vinci invented scissors.

There's an ongoing decrease in the pH of the Earth's oceans: they are 30% more acidic than in 1751.

Until 1913 children in America could legally be sent by parcel post.

The San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments

Claustrophobia is the fear of small spaces.

In darkness most people eventually adjust to a 48-hour cycle: 36 hours of activity followed by 12 hours of sleep. The reasons are still unclear.

1 in 8 Americans has worked at a McDonalds restaurant.

Each species of peacock spider has its own courtship dance.

You can save 2 190 gallons of water per person per year by only flushing the toilet once a day.

In 2012 Nevada became the first state to issue licenses for self-driving cars.

An elephant can smell water up to 3 miles away.

People who endure more than 45-minute commute are 40% more likely to divorce.

King Henry VIII slept with a gigantic axe beside him.

In Utah it is illegal to swear in front of a dead person.

Sharks will sink if they stop swimming.


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Prince Charles has been first in line as heir to the UK's throne for more than 64 years.

During WW1 a lone Portuguese soldier convinced the Germans that they were fighting against an entire unit.

It took 73 years to find the wreck of the Titanic.

If the Statue of Liberty was built today it would cost about US$1.2 million.

In 1876 a gang of Chicago counterfeiters attempted to steal Abraham Lincoln's body from his tomb and request a US$200 000 ransom.

Penis enhancement surgery is free in Cuba.

The U.S. has more Spanish speakers than Spain.

The average American/Canadian will eat about 11.9 pounds of cereal per year!

Galileo Galilei was Albert Einstein's favorite scientist.

Only 1 in 2 000 000 000 will live to be 116 or older.

At least 1 in 25 people sentenced to the death penalty in the U.S. are innocent.

When Gmail was introduced by Google with an unbelievable 1GB free storage in 2004 Hotmail only offered 2MB.

In 1923 a jockey suffered a fatal heart attack but his horse finished and won the race making him the first and only jockey to win a race after death.

The phrase "God never gives you more than you can handle" never appears in the Bible and actually the opposite is said many times.

-40 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to -40 degrees Celsius.

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