Life Hacks For People Who Don't Care About Moral Values

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The average human eats 8 spiders in their lifetime at night.

Camel’s milk does not curdle.

The chemical element Uranium discovered in 1789 was named after the newly discovered planet Uranus.

Life Hacks For People Who Don't Care About Moral Values

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

The world's smallest cat is called "Tinker Toy" and he's just 2.75 inches (7 cm) tall.

Dragonflies are capable of flying sixty miles per hour making them one of the fastest insects. This is good since they are in a big hurry as they only live about twenty-four hours.

In 2013 a man bought a house next to his ex-wife just to install a giant middle finger statue for her to see every day.

Nuclear power prevented an average of over 1.8 million deaths between 1971-2009 as a result of lower air pollution from reduced coal usage according to NASA.

The U.S. has more Spanish speakers than Spain.

A whale’s penis is called a dork.

There are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.

Mariah Carey's legs are insured for US$1 billion.

In Alabama it is illegal for a driver to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle.

There are twice as many suicides as there are homicides in the U.S.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to explain why the sky is blue.

Shakira was rejected from the school choir because the teacher thought she sounded like a goat.

Phil Collins divorced his second wife by fax.

When sharks take a bite their eyes roll back and their teeth jut out.

The cost of college in the U.S. has gone up 500% since 1985.

The band Abba wore ridiculous outfits to avoid Sweden's taxes which allowed deductions for clothing if it wasn't meant to be used every day.

If you consistently fart for 6 years & 9 months, enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb!

Kokura Japan was the original target of the atomic bomb that landed in Nagasaki.

Cherophobia is the fear of fun.

150people punished with the death penalty were later exonerated by the U.S.

Apple's iPhone has higher sales than everything Microsoft has to offer.

Freddie Mercury wrote "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" in 10 minutes as a tribute to Elvis Presley.

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The venom of the Australian Brown Snake is so powerful only 1/14 000th of an ounce is enough to kill a human.

There's an episode of "Tom and Jerry" that ends with the both of them committing suicide.

Fish in polluted lakes lose their sense of smell.

Sitting for more than three hours a day can cut two years off a person's life expectancy.

The male seahorse carries the eggs until they hatch instead of the female.

Underweight models are banned in Israel to fight against anorexia.

The world's largest pyramid is not in Egypt but in Mexico.

Malaria is thought to be responsible for the death of about half of all people who ever lived.

About 153 000 people will die on your birthday.

Writer Stephen King was addicted to cocaine between 1979 and 1987 and used it to create a buzz to write.

No other country in Europe has as many volcanoes as Italy: the peninsula stands on a fault line.

Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every 2 weeks otherwise it will digest itself.

Millions of trees are accidentally planted by squirrels that bury nuts and then forget where they hid them.

8.2% of people in Norway eat tacos every single Friday.

The keys to the holiest site in Christianity the Church of the Holy Sepulchre are held by a Muslim family that opens the church every morning. This arrangement has been in place since 1187 CE.

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