After a Lady Insulted Him, This Hardworking Man Had the Best Response

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There are more types of insects in one tropical rain forest tree than there are in the entire state of Vermont.

Ever wonder where the term Work Smarter…Not Harder originated? Allan F. Mogensen the creator of Work Simplification coined the phrase in the 1930′s. The 1990′s equivalent term is probably Business Process Reengineering.

Estimates for the total number of people killed in wars throughout all of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion.

After a Lady Insulted Him, This Hardworking Man Had the Best Response

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Mankind has left 96 bags of urine feces and vomit on the moon.

During WW2 an American pilot fell over 20 000 feet (6 700 m) and survived by crashing through the glass roof of a train station.

On August 10 2015 NASA astronauts ate food that had been grown in space for the first time.

Indonesia is home to the world'slargest Islamic population.

There are four times as many abandoned houses as there are homeless people in New York City.

Every time a woodpecker's beak hits a tree its head is subject to 1 000 times the force of gravity.

They NEVER said “Beam me up Scotty” on Star Trek.

Alcohol is prohibited in the UK Parliament with one exception: the chancellor can drink while delivering the annual budget statement.

In Cleveland Ohio it’s illegal to catch mice without a hunting license.

UK's Internet Porn Filter Architect was Arrested On Child Porn Offences.

Iran sentences its citizens to the death penalty on cases of corruption.

The highest place on Earth and closest to space is Mount Chimborazo in the Andes.

Science Nobel Laureates U.S. Presidents and NASA astronauts were found to be overwhelmingly first-borns.

23%of the couples who meet through online dating end up marrying.

Marco Hort has the world record for fitting 264 straws in his mouth at once!

Georgia’s state motto is “Wisdom Justice and Moderation.”

To earn enough to buy a Big Mac the average person in India has to work almost 6 hours.

A "Panther" isn't a real animal. It's actually a term used to describe black cougars jaguars and leopards.

A koi fish named "Hanako" lived for 225 years.

A wind with a speed of 74 miles or more is designated a hurricane.

Albert Einstein denounced segregation calling it a "disease of white people" and worked against racism in America.

For 214 years until 2012 it was illegal in Paris France for women to wear trousers.

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If you announce your goals to others you are less likely to make them happen because you lose motivation studies confirmed.

In 2012 Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez rewarded his 3 000 000th Twitter follower a 19-year old girl with a new home.

The average ocean depth is 2.5 miles (4 km).

There is actually no danger in swimming right after you eat though it may feel uncomfortable.

Norway was originally called "Nordweg" meaning the "Northern Way."

Peter Hillary Sir Edmund Hillary's son climbed Mount Everest in 1990making the pair the first father and son to do so.

In April 2013 someone hacked Associated Press' Twitter account and tweeted that 2 bombs had exploded at the White House. The stock market crashed within seconds.

In Newfoundland Canada the Atlantic Ocean sometimes freezes so people play hockey on it.

In the USA ransom payments to kidnappers are tax-deductible.

2 000-year-old seeds were discovered in 1963 inside an ancient jar in Israel. They were planted in 2005 and a tree that had been extinct for over 1800 years sprouted.

Cancer mortality rate has fallen from 215 deaths per 100 000 people in 1991 to 172 deaths per 100 000 people in 2010.

According to a study on Academy Award speeches Steven Spielberg has been thanked more than God.

The first President born in the U.S. spoke Dutch as his first language.

Baby whales grow to a 1/3 of their mother’s length in the womb.

In 1997 three men from Yemen tried to sue NASA for invading Mars claiming they had inherited it from their ancestors 3 000 years ago.

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