Wrestling Superstars Who Had Rough Childhoods

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97% of rapists in the U.S. never spend a day in jail for their crime.

In 2014 a prisoner escaped a detention center in Arizona to spend Valentine's Day with his girlfriend.

Some turtles breathe through their butts.

Wrestling Superstars Who Had Rough Childhoods

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

123 - 45 - 67 + 89 = 100.123 + 4 - 5 + 67 - 89 = 100.123 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 + 8 - 9 = 100.1 + 23 - 4 + 5 + 6 + 78 - 9 = 100.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobiais the fear of long words.

There are 240 dots on an arcade Pac-Man game

Negative emotions such as anxiety and depression can weaken your immune system.

California uses inmates to fight forest fires. Prisoners take the jobs because it reduces their sentence gets them outside and pays better than typical prison jobs.

Alabama was the first state in the United States to officially recognize Christmas in 1836.

92% of all new sold cars in Brazil use ethanol as fuel which is produced from sugar cane.

Mississippi didn't ratify the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery until 2013.

Believing You've Slept Well Even If You Haven't Improves Performance.

Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide.

Ancient Rome had a 4-story-tall shopping mall with 150 shops and offices.

20 000 children die worldwide every day due to poverty.

Dr. Ruth the famous sex therapist was once a sniper in the Israeli army.

"Astronauts" come from America. Space explorers from Russia are called "cosmonauts."

Inca architecture was built to be earthquake resistant. Inca masonry is effective in withstanding even major tremors.

London only reached its pre-WW2 population level in January 2015.

When awake the human brain produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.

0.3% of all road accidents in Canada involve a Moose.

The largest elephant on record weighed about 24 000 pounds (10 886 kg) with a height of 13 feet (3.96 m).

The most successful Pirate Captain was a Chinese prostitute with 80 000 sailors working for her.

Two zebras died of hunger in a zoo in Palestine and were replaced with donkeys painted with black and white stripes.

The strongest creatures on Earth are gonorrhea bacteria. They can pull 100 000 times their own body weight.

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Some turtles breathe through their butts.

Argentina has the highest number of psychiatrists per capita in the world.

10% of US electricity is made from dismantled atomic bombs.

In 2010 some schools in southern California banned a dictionary for including a definition of oral sex.

In 1999 an ex-prostitute in New Zealand Georgina Beyer became the world's first openly transsexual Member of Parliament.

Half of the pilots surveyed in the UK admitted to having fallen asleep while flying a passenger plane.

Gorbachev recorded an album of Russian romantic ballads in 2009.

Despite smoking in numerous films Clint Eastwood has never smoked habitually.

Spaniard double agent Joan Pujol Garcia had the rare distinction of receiving an Iron Cross from the Germans and an MBE from the British during WW2.

The venom of the Australian Brown Snake is so powerful only 1/14 000th of an ounce is enough to kill a human.

In Italy "pepperoni" refers to bell peppers. There's no Italian salami by that name.

Long-term mobile phone use significantly increases the risk of brain tumours a study found.

The Australian $5 to $100 notes are made of plastic.

Picasso burned most of his early work to keep his apartment warm because he was poor.

The practice of eating horseflesh is called hippophagy.

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