Woman Thought Her Dog Had Been Bitten By Bugs But Then She Realized The Horrifying Truth

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The human brain is about 75% water.

George Washington never wore a wig: his hair was naturally long and lustrous although he did use powder to make it white.

Owls are the only birds that can see the color blue.

Woman Thought Her Dog Had Been Bitten By Bugs But Then She Realized The Horrifying Truth

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

King Charles XIV of Sweden had a tattoo that read "Death to Kings"

Google's First Computer Storage Was Made From LEGO.

Starting 2015 all New York residents must recycle their old electronics like PCs and TVs or face a US$100 fine.

The Statue of Liberty is estimated to be hit by about 600 bolts of lightning every year.

A child dies every 8 seconds from contaminated water.

Ancient Egyptians worshiped over1 400 different gods and goddesses.

The Truman Syndrome is a psychological disorder in which patients believe they're living in a reality TV show.

There's only one STOP sign in the entire city of Paris.

1.3 million Earths could fit into the Sun.

Facebook Twitter and The New York Times have been blocked in China since 2009.

Most collect calls are made on father’s day.

Viagra can keep cut flowers standing up straight for up to a week longer than normal.

Cats are America's most popular pets: there are 88 million cats compared to 74 million dogs.

In Nevada it is illegal to kiss with a mustache.

The pancreas produces Insulin.

The youngest soldier to serve during WW1 was only 8 years old.

Every 90 seconds one woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth.

The average age in the UK for a first kiss is 15.

The toothpaste "Colgate" in Argentine Spanish translates to "Go Hang Yourself."

There's a bookstore in Australia where books are wrapped in paper with short descriptions so no one can "judge a book by its cover."

Norway's NRK TV channel shows include an 8-hour train ride a 12-hour knitting show a 12-hour log fire and 18-hours of salmon spawning.

To our eyes in space the sun would appear white not yellow.

Watch Video: Woman Thought Her Dog Had Been Bitten By Bugs But Then She Realized The Horrifying Truth

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In Japan there's a building with a highway passing through it.

In the early 1940s the FCC assigned television’s Channel 1 to mobile services (like two-way radios in taxis) but did not re-number the other channel assignments.

The Bible was Isaac Newton's greatest passion writing more about religion than science and mathematics.

Alligators can live up to 100 years.

75 trillion cells receive blood from the heart. Only the corneas don't.

In the average lifetime a person will walk the equivalent of 5 times around the equator.

In Finland 9 out of 10 plastic bottles are returned for recycling and almost 100% of glass bottles are also recycled.

Gary Indiana is the murder capital of the U.S. – probably the world.

The highest point in Pennsylvania is lower than the lowest point in Colorado.

The world's largest cattle station Anna Creek Station in Australia is larger than Israel.

Stephen Hawking's son once added swear words to his dad's voice synthesizer as a prank.

Recycling aluminium saves 95% of the energy cost of processing new aluminium.

Gorbachev recorded an album of Russian romantic ballads in 2009.

There are only four words in the English language which end in “dous”: tremendous horrendous stupendous and hazardous.

Every year about a million girl fetuses are aborted and tens of thousands of girl babies are abandoned in China because of the country's one-child policy.

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