When passengers refused to make room for wheelchair, the bus driver dealt out the perfect punishm

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Mel Blanc – the voice of Bugs Bunny – was allergic to carrots.

Dumbledore isn’t only the Headmaster of Hogwarts; in fact a dumbledore is an old English term for a type of bee.

1.2 million women have an abortion in the U.S.every year.

When passengers refused to make room for wheelchair, the bus driver dealt out the perfect punishm

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

35 million of your cells die every minute.

There is no solid proof of who built the Taj Mahal.

In the USA ransom payments to kidnappers are tax-deductible.

A Giraffe's legs alone are taller than most humans: about 6 feet (1.81 m).

Christianity was the main religion in Egypt between the Fourth and Sixth Centuries.

The average temperature in Mars is -81°F (-63°C).

75%of cars that Rolls-Royce has ever produced are still on the road today.

Instead of kissing mothers of the Manchu tribe used to show affection by sucking their child's penis in public because kissing was considered sexual.

Octopuses move with a simple elegance but they have no rhythm unlike most animals.

If you come from Manchester you are a Mancunian.

Pandas eat bamboo largely because they have no umami taste receptors. Meat tastes bland to them.

Most elephants weigh less than the tongue of a blue whale.

The verb “cleave” is the only English word with two synonyms which are antonyms of each other: adhere and separate.

1 in 5 Americans believes that the world will end in their lifetime.

Humans are 50% heavier and four inches taller in the past 100 years than they have been throughout most of human history.

Women speak about 20 000 words a day. That's 13 000 more than the average man.

In the Bible God sent two bears to murder 42 children because they had mocked a man for being bald.

Reindeer like to eat bananas.

The word "Scientist"first appeared in 1833.

China has the most goats in the world, they have over 170 Million.

A bolt of lightning is 5 times hotter than the surface of the sun.

Bruce Lee was so fast they actually had to run his films slower so you can see his moves.

Watch Video: When passengers refused to make room for wheelchair, the bus driver dealt out the perfect punishm

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There are tuition-free Universities in Finland Austria Norway Germany and Sweden with careers in English for international students.

The cruise liner Queen Elizabeth II moves only six inches for each gallon of diesel that it burns.

In Nevada it is illegal to kiss with a mustache.

In his lifetime a man spends almost six months shaving.

The boiling point of water at the top of Mt. Everest is 71 °C (160 °F).

According to Genesis 1:20-22 the chicken came before the egg.

Of a total of about 7 000 staff at Auschwitz only 750 were ever punished.

One Puffer Fish contains enough poison to kill 30 people.

The beautiful symmetry of a total solar eclipse happens because —by pure chance— the sun is 400 times larger than the moon but is also 400 times farther from Earth making the two bodies appear the exact same size in the sky.

The chemical elements that make up your body are worth around US$160.

The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves which triggers relaxation.

Nearly all of the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed.

Cherophobia is the fear of fun.

Our moon is bigger than Pluto and 1/4 the diameter of Earth.

It's completely legal for minors to smoke cigarettes in the U.S. and parts of Europe. What they can't do is purchase them.

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