Waitress Sees 2 Firefighters Walk In Writes Note On Check That Leads Them To Take Action

It is impossible to lick your elbow.

More than 60% of Bolivia's citizens are indigenous predominantly Quechua and Aymara.

A "GAY BOMB" was once proposed at the Pentagon to turn the enemy gay.

Waitress Sees 2 Firefighters Walk In Writes Note On Check That Leads Them To Take Action

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Over 500 girls have been named Hermione since the first 'Harry Potter' movie came out.

Italy is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 50.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the illegitimate sonof a wealthy Florentine legal notary and a peasant.

Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans.

Between 100 000 and 500 000 abortions per year continue to be performed in India solely because the fetus is female.

80% of volcanic eruptions happen underwater.

Most lipstick contains fish scales.

The world’s termites outweigh the world’s humans 10 to 1.

Moon dust smells like gunpowder according to astronauts.

All of the clocks in the movie Pulp Fiction are stuck on 4:20.

2% of couples have fallen in love in a supermarket according to a survey.

Con artist Victor Lustig "sold" the Eiffel Tower to a scrap metal dealer.

Half of the pilots surveyed in the UK admitted to having fallen asleep while flying a passenger plane.

Elvis Presley had a twin brother that died at birth.

Ithyphallophobia is the fear of erections.

Darwin suggested the appendix may have been used for digesting leaves. This theory is supported by koala and horse appendixes which do just that.

Islam is the second-largest and the fastest-growing religion in the world.

The Sun accounts for about 99.86% of the total mass of the Solar System.

The UK spent US$15.8 billion in a health service computer system that failed and was shut down in 2013.

The FBI has a Twitter slang dictionary.

About a third of male fish in British rivers are changing sex due to pollution especially from contraceptive pills a research found.

"Erotomania" is a psychological disorder in which the affected people believe a famous person is in love with them.

Watch Video: Waitress Sees 2 Firefighters Walk In Writes Note On Check That Leads Them To Take Action

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Did You Know That?

Winds in some places of Antarctica can reach 200 mph (320 km/h).

There are virtually no differences in brain anatomy between people with autism and those without.

The King of Norway is 73rd in line to the British throne.

The people of the U.S. are collectively overweight by a total of about 4 billion pounds.

The breeding age for male goats is between 8-10 months.

Catnip is a natural cockroach repellent.

Louis XIX was King of France for just 20 minutes.

Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

Baby whales can gain up to 200 pounds per day.

Slavery was abolished in Saudi Arabia and Yemen as recently as 1962.

The average chocolate bar contains 8 insect parts.

It would take light 100 000 years to travel from one end of the Milky Way galaxy to the other.

France once controlled more than 8% of the world's land.

Christmas trees have been sold in the U.S. since 1850.

A Beer Wave of 388 000 Gallons (or 1.4m L) flooded London in 1814 after a huge vat ruptured.

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