Top 10 Wes Craven Movies

Showgirls still holds the record for most Razzie (anti-Oscars) nominations with 13. Paul Verhoeven was the first director to collect the award for Worst Picture in person.

Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled can be seen in Frozen.

Men account for 74.4% of lead roles in Hollywood movies.

Top 10 Wes Craven Movies (QUICKIE)

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Did You Know That?
Did You Know That?

Cher Lloyd is a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, and even has his phone number.

Louis Tomlinson first met Harry Styles in the X Factor toilets.

Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter was allergic to Harry Potter glasses.

The “asante sana squash banana” song that Rafiki sings in The Lion King is an old nursery rhyme in Swahili.

Godzilla was only seen for about 8 minutes in the 2014 film "Godzilla".

The film "Birdman" was shot in just 30 days.

Kelly Rowland names Whitney Houston as her biggest influence growing up.

Taylor Swift started playing the guitar at age 12.

Dick Van Dyke’s accent coach during Mary Poppins was Irish, and according to Van Dyke, “didn’t do an accent any better than I did.”

The first use of animatronics was the robin that whistles a duet with Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins. A series of wires going up her dress were used to animate the bird. Its movements were so realistic that critics were baffled as to how it worked exactly.

The budget for the Movie "Titanic" was higher than the Titanic itself.

When Edward Norton first fights Brad Pitt in Fight Club, he was asked to actually hit Pitt. Pitts reaction is genuine and Norton was trying to stop himself from laughing during the scene.

Robert Downey Jr. claims that Burger King saved his life from his drug addiction.

Fritz Lang’s, Metropolis (1927) was reportedly one of Adolf Hitler’s favourite films.

In Iron Man/Avengers, J.A.R.V.I.S is an acronym for “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System.”

Liam Payne’s favourite Pokémon from the Black and White series is Throh.

Pierce Brosnan was contractually forbidden from wearing a full tuxedo in any non-James Bond movie from 1995-2002.

Ridley Scott used The Who’s blue laser lighting to light the Alien egg chamber because they were in the next studio. Ingenuity +1

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