Top 10 Creative Horror Movie Weapons

Britney Spears loves vanilla candles.

Over 500 girls have been named Hermione since the first 'Harry Potter' movie came out.

Also, Andy didn’t have a dad in Toy Story because human characters were expensive and difficult to animate.

Top 10 Creative Horror Movie Weapons

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Did You Know That?
Did You Know That?

Zayn Malik didn’t have a passport before he was on X Factor.

On the set of 1982’s The Thing, the whole cast and crew was male.

Viggo Mortensen had no intention of working on The Lord of the Rings until his son begged him to do it.

Walt Disney received one regular Oscar statue and seven smaller statues when Snow White and the Seven Dwarves won an honorary Academy Award.

Actor Sean Bean has died on 32% of his movies the highest percentage of any living actor of note.

The poop in Trainspotting was made from chocolate. Yummy.

Courtney Love insists that the role of the heroin dealer, Lance, in Pulp Fiction was offered to Kurt Cobain. Tarantino has steadfastly refuted this claim, saying he never even met the late Nirvana singer.

Katy Perry‘s cat’s name is Kitty Purry.

Tiger Woods is a Buddhist.

Ursula from The Little Mermaid is said to be inspired by the drag queen Divine.

And the voice of Zuul is director Ivan Reitman.

The "No Animals Were Harmed" moniker on movies only applies while film is actually recording.

Finding Nemo harmed clownfish populations after people started buying tons of pet clownfish after seeing the movie.

Tim Allen was a convicted drug dealer before becoming famous.

The original raw footage of Apocalypse Now consisted of 1,250,000 feet of film which is over 230 hours’ worth.

It’s claimed that his movements were partially modeled after MC Hammer.

Two actors have died playing Judas in live Biblical productions by accidentally hanging themselves for real during his death scene.

Will Smith Nicolas Cage Tom Cruise Johnny Depp and Leo DiCaprio were offered the part of Neo in "The Matrix" movie before Keanu Reeves.

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