Top 10 Actor Injuries You ACTUALLY See in the Movie

The cigarette smoked by Sigourney Weaver in Avatar is completely CGI.

Saw was filmed in 18 days

When Harry Met Sally: Meg Ryan laughed at the Pecan Pie improv and looked at the director who told her to keep going.

Top 10 Actor Injuries You ACTUALLY See in the Movie

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Did You Know That?
Did You Know That?

In an alternate ending for Alien: Resurrection, Ripley finally makes it back to earth.

Taylor Swift started playing the guitar at age 12.

Drive director Nicolas Winding Refn failed his driving test eight times.

Kim Kardashian starred in the 2008 film spoof Disaster Movie as Lisa.

Ridley Scott used The Who’s blue laser lighting to light the Alien egg chamber because they were in the next studio. Ingenuity +1

Before being an actor Bruce Willis worked as a private investigator.

Cher Lloyd is a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, and even has his phone number.

And the voice of Zuul is director Ivan Reitman.

Samuel L. Jackson has said "motherf*cker" 171 times in 27 different movies.

David Patrick Kelly’s infamous “Warriors, come out to play” line in The Warriors (1979) was completely improvised.

Tom Hanks had an asteroid named after him which was called “12818 tomhanks”.

United Artists offered Stallone up to US$340 000 to sell them the rights to the screenplay of Rocky if he agreed to not star in the movie. He refused.

Ed Sheeran auditioned for the ITV series Britannia High.

Movie trailers used to play after the film.

Ryan Gosling was cast as Noah in The Notebook because the director wanted someone “not handsome.”

"Gone with the Wind" is the highest grossing movie of all time when adjusted for inflation.

Frank Oz was the voice for Yoda, Miss Piggy and Cookie Monster.

There is a sound effect called the Wilhelm Scream that has been used in over 200 movies and TV shows since 1951.

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