This Woman Refused to Pull the Plug on Her Husband — When He Woke Up He Had Two Words For Her

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At a jet plane’s speed of 1 000 km (620mi) per hour the length of the plane becomes one atom shorter than its original length.

Norway's public Universities are free for students from anywhere in the world.

Bill Gates'SAT score was 1590 out of 1600.

This Woman Refused to Pull the Plug on Her Husband — When He Woke Up He Had Two Words For Her

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Caffeine is made of carbon hydrogen nitrogen and oxygen. The same as cocaine thalidomide nylon TNT and heroin.

During a car crash 40% of drivers never even hit the brakes.

Krubera Cave the deepest known cave on Earth has depth of 2 197 m (7 208 ft).

In 2013 two physicist managed to"tie" water into knots.

The average North American will eat 35 000 cookies during their life span.

Whales drown if they remain underwater for over 30 minutes.

100 000 mobile phones are dropped down the toilet in Britain every year.

When hippos are upset, their sweat turns red.

2 000-year-old seeds were discovered in 1963 inside an ancient jar in Israel. They were planted in 2005 and a tree that had been extinct for over 1800 years sprouted.

A song that gets stuck in your head is called an "earworm".

Albert Einstein's brain had a parietal lobe that was 15% larger than the average brain.

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away from each other.

China executes the death penalty more than 4 times as the rest of the world combined.

Already in 1985 Mother Teresa opened a hospice in New York for AIDS victims.

There's a plant native to Australia that will make you vomit in pure agony just by touching it. The sting is potent enough to kill humans and horses.

The microwave was invented after a researcher walked by a radar tube and a chocolate bar melted in his pocket.

California has built 23 prisons since 1980. In the same period the University of California system has opened just one new campus.

In WW2 the U.S. and New Zealand secretly tested 3 700 "tsunami bombs" designed to destroy coastal cities.

In the Caribbean there are oysters that can climb trees.

One giant panda usually needs between 2.5 to 4 square miles (10 million m2) of land to survive.

In Islam a man may divorce his wife three times taking her back up after the first two times.

The angel falls in Venezuela are nearly 20 times taller than Niagara Falls.

Watch Video: This Woman Refused to Pull the Plug on Her Husband — When He Woke Up He Had Two Words For Her

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The biggest bill the U.S. issued was a US$ 10 000 bill.

In the U.S. you are twice as likely to commit suicide than be murdered by someone else.

38%of Christianity is projected to live in sub-Saharan Africa in 2050.

The woman who rented her garage to Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 when they were creating Google later became the CEO of YouTube .

The U.S. Civil War had a Balloon Corps established by Abraham Lincoln.

The average Japanese household watches more than 10 hours of television a day.

In darkness most people eventually adjust to a 48-hour cycle: 36 hours of activity followed by 12 hours of sleep. The reasons are still unclear.

China is the world's largest supplier of Bibles.

Dogs have about 1,700 taste buds.

The average person falls asleep in seven minutes.

Scars continue to look the same year after year because while skin cells are replaced periodically the underlying collagen is not.

The Statue of Liberty was originally conceived of as being a peasant Muslim woman in traditional Islamic dress.

A Giraffe's legs alone are taller than most humans: about 6 feet (1.81 m).

The average chocolate bar contains 8 insect parts.

In 1969 NASA possessed the technology to land on the moon but not the technology to fake the moon landings.

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