The Most Disturbing Scientific Facts

In ancient Greece “idiot” meant a private citizen or layman.

Giant flying foxes that live in Indonesia have wingspans of nearly six feet.

Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn’t wear trousers.

The Most Disturbing Scientific Facts

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa became the world's most famous painting after it was stolen from the Louvre in 1911.

The "99% effective" label on birth control pills means that 1 out of 100 women who use the pill in a year will get pregnant.

Men were the first to wear high heels around the 1600s. Women began wearing them to look more masculine.

It is a criminal offence to drive around in a dirty car in Russia.

Both ancient Egyptian and Greek medicine recognized obesity as a medical disorder.

A woman's risk of breast cancer approximately doubles if she has a first-degree relative (mother sister daughter) who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Government officials in Lionel Messi's hometown in Argentina have banned parents from naming their children "Messi."

More people are afraid of spiders than death. Amazingly few people are afraid of Champagne corks even though you are more likely to be killed by one than by a spider.

J.K. Rowling chose the unusual name ‘Hermione’ so young girls wouldn’t be teased for being nerdy!

The American secret service tried to spike Hitler's food with female hormones to feminize him.

Each year, there are more than 40,000 toilet related injuries in the United States.

Lincoln suffered depression and avoided carrying knives fearing he would use it on himself.

The Atlantic Ocean is big enough to let every person in the US have their own cubic kilometer in it.

Poor women in the U.S. have a higher rate of obesity than wealthier women.

A study found that fewer than 10% of people say they're not perfectionists in any area of life so perfectionism is a common trait.

Neptune was mathematically predicted before it was directly observed based on the orbit of Uranus.

Prediabetes increases cancer risk by 15%.

Mars had an oxygen-rich atmosphere around 4 billion years ago.

There are more than 100 types of cancers; any part of the body can be affected.

The vehicle with the highest mileage covered a total of 2 850 000 miles (4 586 630 km).

Atomic bomb tests were a major tourist attraction in Las Vegas during the 1950s.

The word "mafia" is never mentioned in the film version of The Godfather because the actual mafia demanded it.

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Martin Luther King Jr. was jailed 29 times.

The human body produces about a litre (0.26 gal) of mucus per day.

The kangaroo’s ancestors lived in trees. Today there are eight different kinds of tree kangaroos.

Only about .003 percent of the water on Earth can be used by humans.

The February of 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

WW2 Flight Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade survived a fall from 18 000 feet (5 500 m) without a parachute suffering only a sprained leg.

Teddy Roosevelt volunteered for service in World War I ten years after having served as U.S. president.

Japanese Trains are among the world's most punctual: their average delay is just 18 seconds.

India has a Bill of Rights for cows.

In 2009 Nigerian Police arrested a goat on suspicion of attempted armed robbery.

The 1556 Shaanxi earthquake in China was the deadliest earthquake on record with 830 000 deaths.

Cats share 95.6% of their DNA with tigers.

There are 1 million ants for every human in the world.

Orb spiders mummify their prey before they kill it.

No two tigers ever have the same stripes, and this is how individual tigers can be identified.

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