Tattoos From Failed Relationships Covered Up In Creative Ways

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Ernest Hemingway his father his brother his sister and his granddaughter all committed suicide.

The Titanic could have been saved if it wasn't for a 30-second delay in giving the order to change course after spotting the iceberg.

In the USA ransom payments to kidnappers are tax-deductible.

Tattoos From Failed Relationships Covered Up In Creative Ways

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

During WW2 the Oscars' statuettes were made of painted plaster due to a metal shortage.

The world's oceans contain nearly 20 million tons of gold.

Gleevec a cancer drug that costs US$70 000 in the U.S. per year cost just US$2 500 in India because it can't be patented there.

Arguing about money is the top predictor of divorce a study found.

A jumbo jet uses 4 000 gallons of fuel to take off.

In three decades the world's oceans will contain more discarded plastic than fish when measured by weight researchers say.

The death penalty was outlawed in the UK partly because a man was wrongfully executed for the murder of his wife and daughter in 1950.

Medical errors are the 6th leading cause of the death in the U.S.

There's a Cereal Cafe in London where you can eat hundreds of different kinds of cereals from around the world.

More Colombians die every year from American tobacco than Americans die from Colombian cocaine.

Swearing on the Bible is forbidden by the Bible.

Goats were the first animals domesticated by man in 10,000 B.C.

The largest taxi fleet in the world is found in Mexico City. The city boasts a fleet of over 60 000 taxis.

Goats and octopus’ pupils of their eyes are rectangular.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the illegitimate sonof a wealthy Florentine legal notary and a peasant.

Locust is the only insect considered kosher in Judaism.

Speed dating was invented by a Rabbi in 1999.

World speed reading champion Anne Jones read all 607 pages of the last Harry Potter book in just 47 minutes.

In Dorset Minnesota a 3-year-old boy was elected as mayor .

The smallest wage gap between men and women is to be found in New Zealand: under 5%.

The only mammals to undergo menopause are elephants, humpback whales and human females.

Indian actor Brahmanandam Kanneganti had a role in more than 1000 films a world record.

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Goats were the first animals domesticated by man in 10,000 B.C.

The WW1 ended at 11 o'clock in the morning of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.

8%of your body weight is in your blood.

The San Francisco Cable cars are the only mobile National Monuments

75%of cars that Rolls-Royce has ever produced are still on the road today.

Worldwide, more people eat and drink milk from goats than any other animal.

The boomslang snake's venom causes you to bleed from all holes of your body.

Certain fireflies emit a light so penetrating that it can pass through flesh and wood.

Devon is the only county in Great Britain to have two coasts.

There is enough gold in Earth's core to coat its entire surface to a depth of 1.5 feet.

At latitude 60 degrees south you can sail all the way around the world.

Inherited genes account for just 25% of the chance of being left-handed a study found.

Marilyn Monroe was Jewish: she converted for her husband Arthur Miller.

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobiais the fear of long words.

It's illegal to die in Falciano del Massico a town in Italy because the cemetery is full.

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