Struggles That Only Pale People Will Understand

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Antarctica is the coldest windiest highest and driest continent on Earth.

Cats can swallow and digest their food without chewing it.

A natural predator of the Moose is the Killer Whale. They have been known to prey on moose swimming around America's Northwest Coast.

Struggles That Only Pale People Will Understand

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

All dolphins have a different whistle.

Over 250 million Nokia 1100 devices were sold making it the bestselling electrical gadget in history.

The Amazon represents more than half of the Earth's rainforests.

Apple's iPhone is almost twice more expensive in Brazil than in the U.S.

There is a species of spider called the Hobo Spider.

Airplane tray tables hold more bacteria than most typical household items a study found.

Some worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food!

There is no visual difference between male and female herons.

Women can get pregnant even 5 to 8 days after having sex.

Goats and sheep are seasonal breeders.

The male gypsy moth can “smell” the virgin female gypsy moth from 1.8 miles away (pretty good trick).

The world's widest avenue is the "9th of July" in Argentina with 14 lanes plus 4 lanes of parallel streets.

80% of all animals on earth are Insects.

When Germany won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil it was the first time as a united country. The three previous times the soccer World Cup was won by West Germany.

People with blue eyes have a higher alcohol tolerance.

North Korean archaeologists announced the world in 2012 they "discovered" lair of the UNICORN ridden by legendary King Tongmyung 2000 years ago.

Einstein never received a Nobel prize for relativity. it was actually for the photoelectric effect.

The weird offspring of a donkey and a zebra is called a "zonkey."

The Statue of Liberty has a 35-foot (10 6m) waistline.

A woodchuck breathes only 10 times in hibernation.

30% of pregnant women crave non-food items an eating disorder called pica.

A single Google search requires more computing power than it took to send Apollo 11 to the Moon.

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Ernest Hemingway his father his brother his sister and his granddaughter all committed suicide.

Britain accidentally invaded Spain in 2002. About 20 Royal Marines disembarked in Spain instead of Gibraltar for 5 minutes until the error was recognised and they all withdrew.

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

During it’s lifetime an oyster changes its sex from male to female and back several times.

There are more skin cancer cases due to indoor tanning than lung cancer cases due to smoking.

Women experience significantly more nightmares than men and have more emotional dreams a research found.

Mount Everest is littered with not just the corpses of climbers but an estimated 50 tons of waste making it world's dirtiest mountain.

Ferrets sleep around 20 hours a day.

Latinos now outnumber whites in California since 2015.

In 2010 a clown called "Tiririca" announced he would run for Congress in Brazil. He became the most-voted-for congressman of the election.

Every year 11 000 Americans injure themselves while trying out bizarre sexual positions.

If London's Big Ben was built today it would cost about US$222 000.

In 1778 fashionable women of Paris never went out in blustery weather without a lightning rod attached to their hats.

Cherophobia is the fear of being too happy because "something tragic" will happen.

The world's smallest cat is called "Tinker Toy" and he's just 2.75 inches (7 cm) tall.

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