She Was His Foster Mom for Years, Then He Told This to the Judge during the Adoption Hearing

The Falkland Isles (pop. about 2000) has over 700000 sheep (350 per person).

Pope Paul VI claimed that animals can go to heaven.

In 2005 a man named Ronald MacDonald actually robbed a Wendy's.

She Was His Foster Mom for Years, Then He Told This to the Judge during the Adoption Hearing

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

The Egyptian Kahun Papyrus (1850 B.C.) suggests crocodile feces either for preventing conception or as an abortifacient.

In the 1st century AD polar bears fought seals in Roman amphitheaters flooded with water.

On a Canadian two-dollar bill the American flag is flying over the Parliament Building.

Brazil's Capital Brasilia looks like an aeroplane from above.

The first thing ever bought and sold across the Internet was a bag of marijuana around 1971.

The Four Corners Monument is the only point in the U.S. shared by four states.

”Judge Judy” has a $25 000 000 salary while Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg has a $190 100 salary.

Newton invented/discovered calculus in about the same amount of time the average student learns it.

Every day your heart creates enough energy to drive a truck for 20 miles (32 km).

One of the world's most expensive coffee brands is made from the dung of Thai elephants.

Flamingo tongues were a delicacy in ancient Rome.

A cat has been the mayor of Talkeetna Alaska for 15 years.

Jimi Hendrix couldn't read or write music.

Due to the new discovery of many brain parasites scientist now think a Zombie Apocalypse is actually possible.

Every minute 1.8 million new "likes" are made on Facebook.

The average age in the UK for a first kiss is 15.

In 1938 Hitler was TIME Magazine's Man of the Year.

A man was arrested for being naked in his own house in Springfield Virgina.

9 million combatants and 7 million civilians died as a result of WW1.

A Beer Wave of 388 000 Gallons (or 1.4m L) flooded London in 1814 after a huge vat ruptured.

In 2012 Elvis Presley's underwear was auctioned off but no one bought it.

The inventor of the heart stent approached numerous companies for funding and was rejected. It was funded by the owner of Fuddrucker's restaurant whom he met by chance on a golf course.

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Did You Know That?

Barack Obama's late father was a senior economist for the Kenyan government.

Rats laugh when tickled.

The average person spends two weeks of his life Kissing.

Giving birth can cause an orgasm: the release of hormones during delivery can push some women to ecstasy.

Spaniard double agent Joan Pujol Garcia had the rare distinction of receiving an Iron Cross from the Germans and an MBE from the British during WW2.

During the American Civil War Generals were 50% more likely to die in combat than Privates.

Female elephants have the longest reproductive anatomy of any land mammal: her vagina is located 1.3 meters into her body.

Many Tibetan monks sleep upright.

The females of some moth species lack wings all they can do to move is crawl.

The top 10% of American alcohol consumers ingest about 10 drinks per day.

Experts at Intel say that micro processor speed will double every 18 months for at least the next 10 years.

There is an average of 61 000 people airborne over the US at any given moment.

Newborn dogs are born blind and deaf. Most puppies open their eyes and respond to noises after about two weeks.

The Roman Emperor Gaius Caligula made his horse a senator.

The "I'm feeling lucky" button costs Google US$110 million per year as it bypasses all ads.

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