She Adopts A Girl That Nobody Wants. 19 Years Later, She Looks Totally Different

Hours before his death Einstein was still attempting to prove his Theory of Everything.

More than 60% of Bolivia's citizens are indigenous predominantly Quechua and Aymara.

Anne Frank's family was denied visas by the U.S.because of stricter immigration policies.

She Adopts A Girl That Nobody Wants. 19 Years Later, She Looks Totally Different

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

There were 240 pedestrian fatalities in New York City in 1994.

Mississippi didn't ratify the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery until 2013.

Steve Jobs believed that his vegan diet would eliminate the need of showering.

Music triggers activity in the same brain structure that releases the "pleasure chemical" dopamine during sex and eating.

Leonardo Da Vinci's last words were: "I have offended God and mankind. My work did not reach the quality it should have."

Chemotherapy is a by-product of the mustard gas used in WW1.

Three of Fidel Castro's sons are named after Alexander the Great: Alexis Alejandro and Alexander.

The Harry Potter series were the most banned books of the century in the U.S.

Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair.

During a severe windstorm or rainstorm the Empire State Building sways several feet to either side.

The surface of the Earth is about 60% water and 10% ice.

During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools.

Illegal immigration from Mexico to the U.S. has decreased by 80% since 2000.

When you donate your body to science it can get used as a crash test dummy for medical training forensic research or to save a life through organ transplants.

Snakes are unable to close their eyes. They can't blink and they must sleep with their eyes open.

In 2014 about 89% of Google's US$66 billion in revenue came from advertising.

In Auschwitz an SS guard fell in love with a Jewish prisoner. He saved her life multiple times and she testified on his behalf during his post-war trial.

30 000 children took part of a "Children's Crusade" to capture Jerusalem in 1212 AD. Most died in the journey or were sold into slavery.

789 grams of 2 700-year-old marijuana were found in a Chinese tomb in 2008.

Tap water has a shelf-life of 6 months after which chlorine dissipates and bacteria starts to grow.

It takes one fifteen-to-twenty-year-old tree to produce seven hundred paper grocery bags.

Established writers and artists are 18 times more likely to commit suicide than the general population.

Watch Video: She Adopts A Girl That Nobody Wants. 19 Years Later, She Looks Totally Different

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Did You Know That?

A group of goats is called a Trip.

In 1999 it was reported in the UK that over 3 000 people were hospitalized after tripping over a laundry basket.

Flamingos can only eat with their heads upside down.

The world's most expensive divorce was estimated at US$2.5 billion.

Alcohol is not digested; it gets absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Yoda from Star Wars was almost played by a monkey.

The last surviving Civil War widow didn't pass away until 2008. She married an 86-year-old veteran when she was only 19.

The inventor of Vaseline used to eat a spoonful of it every day.

Orville Wright was involved in the first aircraft accident. His passenger a Frenchman was killed.

One of the assassins of Archduke Franz Ferdinand threw a grenade but missed the car. He swallowed cyanide and jumped to the River Miljacka. The cyanide was expired and did not work and the river was only 10cm deep. He was captured seconds later.

Some male songbirds sing more than 2000 times each day.

Facebookis primarily blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffersred-green color blindness.

Strawberries have more vitamin C than oranges.

You can start a fire with ice.

There are 5 planets you can see with the naked eye not using a telescope: Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter and Saturn.

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