Police Officer Was Called To A House Where Child Abuse Was Reported And Kicks In The Door And Sees H

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According to records there are 50 million monkeys in the world!

Sweden pays students US $187 per month to attend high school.

The kangaroo’s ancestors lived in trees. Today there are eight different kinds of tree kangaroos.

Police Officer Was Called To A House Where Child Abuse Was Reported And Kicks In The Door And Sees H

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Your eyebrows renew themselves every 64 days.

An average human scalp has 100 000 hairs.

6 months is what it takes to make an episode

Each species of peacock spider has its own courtship dance.

Apple headquarters' employees earn an average of US$125 000 a year.

Bees have 5 eyes. There are 3 small eyes on the top of a bee’s head and 2 larger ones in front.

The Four Corners Monument is the only point in the U.S. shared by four states.

During WW2 Nazi soldiers were fed massive quantities of methamphetamine for increased alertness and endurance.

The UKis smaller than the U.S. state of Oregon.

There's a skyscraper in New York City with no windows.

The combined wealth of the 85 richest people is equal to that of poorest 3.5 billion --half of the world's population.

37%of all pregnancies in New York City end in abortion.

An American urologist bought Napoleon’s penis for $40 000.

In the 1920's and early 1930's women dominated the screenwriting profession in Hollywood's movies.

John Adams 2nd president of the USA started smoking at the age of eight.

In the 50s North Korea built Kijong-dong a “nice” city visible from the border to encourage South Koreans in. It's actually a ghost city.

The World's oldest known creature a mollusc was 507 years old until scientists killed it by mistake.

U.S. Soldier John R. McKinney held off over 100 Japanese soldiers single-handedly in WW2.

Leonardo Da Vinci was the first to explain why the sky is blue.

During Argentina's dictatorship opponents were pushed out of planes alive with weights attached to their feet so no bodies would be found as evidence.

The first webcam was created in Cambridge to check the status of a coffee pot.

Sloths take two weeks to digest their food.

Watch Video: Police Officer Was Called To A House Where Child Abuse Was Reported And Kicks In The Door And Sees H

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Did You Know That?

One Puffer Fish contains enough poison to kill 30 people.

A group of kangaroos is called a mob.

Taller women are more likely to get cancer according to a study.

Apple Is Worth More Than The Entire Russian Stock Market.

You can see underwater sea life coral reefs and wrecks using Google Maps.

Elephants don’t drink through their trunks like a straw.

If the human eye was a digital camera it would have 576 megapixels.

Viruses can get viruses.

People in Africa and Asia have to walk an average of 3.7 miles (6 KM) to collect water.

If the Earth was smooth the ocean would cover the entire surface to a depth of 12 000 feet.

The Irish deer is the largest deer to have ever existed. It went into extinction approximately 7,700 years ago.

Fat Man was the codename for the atomic bomb that was detonated over Nagasaki.

Ants never sleep. Also they don’t have lungs.

More than 90% of the Nicaraguan people are Roman Catholic.

Nelson Mandela was not removed from the U.S. terror watchlist until 2008.

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