Mother Discovers Old Photos Of Future Son-In-Law That Send Chills Her Spine

Pope Francis was the first public personality in Argentina to sign a petition for justice in the 1994 AMIA terrorist attack.

"Canada" is an Iroquoian language word meaning "Village."

There is a food substitute intended to supply all daily nutritional needs known as "Soylent".

Mother Discovers Old Photos Of Future Son-In-Law That Send Chills Her Spine

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

99% of the solar system mass is concentrated in the sun.

Bats always turn left when exiting a cave.

The coldest place on Earth is a high ridge in Antarctica where temperatures can dip below -133°F (-93.2°C).

A jumbo jet uses 4 000 gallons of fuel to take off.

Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters “MT”.

Fireflies are also known as lightning bugs.

An Indian woman who lost her leg after being thrown from a moving train became the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest in 2013.

You can lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs.

When the D-Day forces landed Hitler was asleep. None of his generals dared send re-enforcements without his permission and no-one dared wake him.

The most goals scored in a World Cup's match was 10 by Hungary against El Salvador in 1982.

The German WW1 officer that recommended Hitler for an Iron Cross was Jewish. He was later arrested then released by the SS once they discovered his identity.

The Aztecs sacrificed 1% of their population every year or about 250 000 people.

It’s impossible to sneeze with your eyes open.

Honey bees can distinguish human faces.

The F-word is used 265 times in the movie Pulp Fiction.

Sugary drinks kill more people than violent crime in Mexico.

The average American eats 25 pounds (11.3 KG) of candy each year.

The first man-made object in space was the German V2 rocket.

Fireflies are the only creatures that give off light without generating heat.

More U.S. soldiers committed suicide than died in combat in 2012.

The Great Wall of China is not visible from space but China's air pollution is.

By 1850 American slaves were worth US$1.3 billion one-fifth of the nation's wealth.

Watch Video: Mother Discovers Old Photos Of Future Son-In-Law That Send Chills Her Spine

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Did You Know That?

The current library at Alexandria has a copy of all the web pages on every website on the Internet since it started in 1996.

If the Eiffel Tower was built today it would cost about US$31 million.

The Great Wall of China is the only man-made structure visible from space.

Guinness Book of Records holds the record for being the book most often stolen from Public Libraries.

48%of the world's population older than 15 claim to have never consumed alcohol.

50% of Internet users will quit waiting for a video to load after 10 seconds.

A bull can inseminate 300 cows from one single ejaculation.

Iguanas, koalas and komodo dragons all have two penises!

A blue whale is larger than a basketball court.

The only member of the band "ZZ Top" without a beard is Frank Beard.

Casu marzu is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese that contains live maggots inside.

The U.S. Army admitted it secretly dumped 64 million pounds of nerve and mustard gas agents into the ocean from 1944 to 1970 along with 400 000 chemical-filled bombs and more than 500 tons of radioactive waste.

There is a "Gospel of Judas" not found in the Bible that speaks of Judas as the only one of Jesus' disciples who fully understood his teachings. He turned Jesus over to the Romans because Jesus asked him to.

Cockroaches have their own Neighborhoods.

Over 60% of all those who marry get divorced.

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