Most People Missed the Giant Blooper in This Iconic Forrest Gump Scene

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The "smell of rain" is caused by a bacteria called actinomycetes.

Brazil has the 2nd highest number of airports in the world after the U.S.

35%of the world's population drives on the left side of the road.

Most People Missed the Giant Blooper in This Iconic Forrest Gump Scene

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

The probability that you in any glass of water will find at least 1 molecule of water once drunk by Cleopatra is practically 100%.

Elephants are pregnant for 2 years.

1 in 40people in Scotland uses cocaine the highest rate in the world.

There is a persistent storm at Lake Maracaibo Venezuela. Lightning storms occur for about 10 hours a night 140 to 160 nights a year for a total of about 1.2 million lightning discharges per year.

63 Earths can fit inside Uranus.

In Finland 9 out of 10 plastic bottles are returned for recycling and almost 100% of glass bottles are also recycled.

37%of Americans think global warming is a hoax.

Cherophobia is the fear of fun.

There's a McDonald's with turquoise arches in Sedona Arizona.

A group of hares is called a Husk.

All polar bears alive today can trace their ancestry back to one female brown bear who lived in Ireland 50 000 years ago.

Rapper Tupac's ashes were mixed with weed and smoked by the members of his hip hop band.

If your dog's feet smell like corn chips you're not alone. The term "Frito Feet" was coined to describe the scent.

The opah or "moonfish" is the only known fully warm-blooded fish.

The U.S. Tax Code is 5 000 pages long while The Bible and "War and Peace" only have about 4 500 pages.

In general, Asiatic jerboas have five toes on their back feet and African jerboas have three.

In Japan teachers and students come together to clean the classrooms and cafeteria.

A "Panther" isn't a real animal. It's actually a term used to describe black cougars jaguars and leopards.

Water itself does not conduct electricity well but the impurities found in water do.

Louisiana’s capital building is the tallest one of any U.S. state.

There are more English words beginning with the letter "s" than with any other letter.

89%of people in Sweden speak English.

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Four planet Earths would be required to sustain the levels of consumption of the U.S.

In 1945 a rooster named Mike lived 18 months without a head.

In a lifetime your brain's long-term memory can hold as many as 1 quadrillion (1 million billion) separate bits of information.

In 1967 the Nigerian Civil War ground to a halt for two days because both sides wanted to watch soccer player Pele in an exhibition match.

A guy is 3 times more likely to get a girl's phone number if he has a dog with him.

A poem written to celebrate a wedding is called a epithalamium.

We all have tiny mites living in our eyelashes.

Giraffes only need 5 to 30 minutes of sleep in a 24-hour period.

The Statue of Liberty was intended for Egypt.

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to listen to a full album on your iPod.

If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop – they use their tails for balance.

Students who chew gum have better math test scores than those who do not a study found.

North Korea is outsourcing its forced labor camps to work in Siberia.

In October 1941 more than 50 000 Jews were killed by Romanian troops in what is now known as the "Odessa massacre."

The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built at US$150 billion.

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