Man Goes To Withdraw Money From The ATM And Runs Back Into The Bank When He Makes A Discovery

A San Francisco Highway Patrol Officer called Kevin Briggs has talked approximately 200 people out of suicide on the Golden Gate Bridge since 1994.

English words "I" "we" "two" and "three" are amongthe most ancient from thousands of years.

Women's hearts beat faster than men's.

Man Goes To Withdraw Money From The ATM And Runs Back Into The Bank When He Makes A Discovery

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

The three most recognized Western names in China are Jesus Christ Richard Nixon & Elvis Presley.

John F Kennedy had such concerns about the space program's high cost that he proposed partnering with the Soviet Union on a joint expedition to the moon.

The U.S. uses less water now than it did in 1970.

The smallest known dinosaur was about four inches (10 cm) tall and weighed less than a chihuahua.

Almost half the world's credit card frauds happen in the U.S.

Humphrey Bogart NEVER said “Play it again Sam” in Casablanca

The hammerthrow is illegal as a high school sport in all states except Rhode Island.

The most dogs ever owned by one person were 5,000 Mastiffs owned by Kubla Khan.

Spiders don't have penises. They mate with the appendages on their face.

Bill Gates Sponsors a Machine That Turns Poop Into Drinking Water.

Steve Jobs was awarded 141 new patents since his death.

A member of the French Foreign Legion wounded while defending France can immediately apply for French citizenship as he is "French by spilled blood"

The pop you hear when you crack your knuckles is actually a bubble of gas burning.

Southern California has about 10 000 earthquakes each year though most are so small that they are never felt.

Drinking too much water can cause a water intoxication.

There's a resort in Finland where you sleep in a glass igloo to watch the northern lights.

A cooling cap can prevent breast cancer patients facing chemotherapy from losing their hair.

In the U.S. more than 1.2 million people have HIV.

Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa became the world's most famous painting after it was stolen from the Louvre in 1911.

After watching Star Wars James Cameron decided to quit his job as a truck driver to enter the film industry.

A piece of paper can be folded no more then 9 times.

NASA scientists have discovered stars that are cool enough to touch.

Watch Video: Man Goes To Withdraw Money From The ATM And Runs Back Into The Bank When He Makes A Discovery

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Did You Know That?

Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a “Friday the 13th.”

When Montenegro became independent from Yugoslavia its Internet domain name went from .yu to .me.

A koala's brain is only 0.2% of its body weight.

There's a bridge between mainland China and Macau where cars switch from left to right-hand drive and vice versa.

Elvis Presley didn't write any of his songs.

It took 73 years to find the wreck of the Titanic.

It’s possible to lead a cow upstairs…but not downstairs.

Koalas never drink water. They get fluids from the eucalyptus leaves they eat.

“Duff” is the decaying organic matter found on a forest floor.

There is a town in Mexico where people have a huge fist fight to ask the gods for a good rainy season.

A large group of goats is called a herd.

Hummingbirds beat their wings 60 to 80 times per second.

Suriphobia is the fear of mice.

In Italy it is illegal to make coffins out of anything except nutshells or wood.

An average swimming pool loses 1 000 gallons (3 785 L) a month to evaporation and other causes.

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