There's an island in Japan that's full of rabbits.

In 1933 Mickey Mouse an animated cartoon character received 800 000 fan letters.

A cat uses its whiskers to determine if a space is too small to squeeze through.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

The Amazon represents more than half of the Earth's rainforests.

In English-speaking countries the most popular names for dogs are Max and Molly.

The goliath tigerfish is a fish that eats small crocodiles.

A song that gets stuck in your head is called an "earworm".

The population of Jews in the world is similar to the margin of error in the Chinese census.

A russian woman in the 1700s gave birth to 16 pairs of twins 7 sets of triplets and 4 sets of quadruplets in just 40 years with the same man.

In Japan Burger King has an all-black burger.

There are more than 10 million bricks in the Empire State Building.

People say “bless you” when you sneeze because your heart stops for a millisecond.

On December 23 1947 Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill N.J. held a secret demonstration of the transistor which marked the foundation of modern electronics.

Peanuts are not nuts. They are legumes.

Unspayed females dogs only go into heat twice a year.

The sun is the most perfectly round natural object known in the universe.

3 in every 10 teen girls in the U.S. get pregnant.

More people speak English in China than the United States.

Koalas are excellent swimmers.

If you farted consistently for 6 years and 9 months enough gas is produced to create the energy of an atomic bomb.

Honey is the only food that will never rot it can last 3000 years.

Vegetables and fruits don't die the moment they are harvested. They respond to their environment for days.

Giraffe hearts pump twice as hard as a cow’s to get blood to its brain.

Butterflies range in size from a tiny 1/8 inch to a huge almost 12 inches.

About 46 000 square miles of arable land turn to desert every year due to climate change and practices such as forest clear-cutting.


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One of the reasons the WWF chose the Panda as their logo was to save printing costs.

Venezuela's name comes from the Italian word "Veneziola" (little Venice). Explorer Amerigo Vespucci saw native stilt houses built in Lake Maracaibo reminding him of Venice.

Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide.

Neptune was the first planet to get its existence predicted by calculations before it was actually seen by a telescope.

Over 3 million people perished from war slavery and the mines in Hispaniola under the rule of Christopher Columbus.

The Soviets drilled the world's deepest hole into the earth for 14 years: it's 12 262 metres (40 230 ft) deep.

The first European who learned to smoke from the natives was arrested back home because people thought he was possessed by the devil.

The original story from “Tales of 1001 Arabian Nights” begins “Aladdin was a little Chinese boy.”

New Zealand is the fastest country in the world to start a business: just one day.

Einstein never received a Nobel prize for relativity. it was actually for the photoelectric effect.

24k Gold melts at 1063°C or 1945°F.

There are almost 60 million dogs in the United States.

WW2 Flight Sergeant Nicholas Alkemade survived a fall from 18 000 feet (5 500 m) without a parachute suffering only a sprained leg.

During a TED talk about Malaria Bill Gates opened a jar full of mosquitoes on stage so the audience would be able to empathize better.

Some 15 152 types of life forms from insects to bacteria have been identified on the New York subway.

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