Kids Are About to Pull the Plug and Make His Final Arrangements When He Starts to Smile

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The main exporter of Brazil nuts is not Brazil. It's Bolivia.

Ronaldinho's deal with Coca-Cola ended after he was caught sipping a Pepsi in a news conference.

Recycling one ton of paper saves 682.5 gallons of oil 7 000 gallons of water and 3.3 cubic yards of landfill space.

Kids Are About to Pull the Plug and Make His Final Arrangements When He Starts to Smile

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

75%of people who marry partners from an affair eventually divorce.

An Angry Birds Land is open at a theme park in Tampere Finland.

Hitler believed he was attractive to women so he remained single for political gain. The German people were unaware of Eva Braun until after the war.

The odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5 000.

Nearly 6 000 people per year get hurt or die in the UK after tripping over their trousers or falling down stairs while pulling them up.

There is no scientific evidence that shaving or waxing will make your hair come back thicker.

The human body is comprised of 80% water.

The only member of the band "ZZ Top" without a beard is Frank Beard.

Couples who are in love synchronize their heart rates after gazing into each others' eyes for three minutes.

Traveling to every single stop of the New York City subway (without leaving the transit system) would take at least 21 hours and 49 minutes.

Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day.

In ancient Rome it was considered a sign of leadership to be born with a crooked nose.

An Indian woman who lost her leg after being thrown from a moving train became the first female amputee to climb Mount Everest in 2013.

You have a better chance of getting accepted to Harvard University than getting a job at the Apple Store.

US Dollar bills are made out of cotton and linen.

Arachibutyrophobia is the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

Children grow faster in the springtime.

The boomslang snake's venom causes you to bleed from all holes of your body.

The word "queue" is pronounced the same way when the last 4 letters are removed.

Cats can dream. They produce the same brain wave patterns that we do when we dream.

Every day more money is printed for monopoly than the US Treasury.

After Christianity the largest religious affiliation in the U.S. is Judaism.

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Did You Know That?

Bulgarians are known to be the biggest yogurt eaters in the world.

The estimated value of the cash bonds and jewellery carried by The Titanic's passengers was US$6 000 000.

Dyeing pets to look like other wild animals is a trend in China.

53%of all American workers make less than US$30 000 a year.

In Colorado medical marijuana dispensaries outnumber Starbucks locations 3 to 1.

The Titanic crew had no binoculars which may have helped them see the iceberg. They were inside a locker and the key was lost.

The UK and Portugal hold the longest standing alliance in the world that is still in force. It was ratified in 1386.

The official color of the Golden Gate Bridge is called International Orange.

In 1859 24 rabbits were released in Austrailia. Within six years the population grew to 2 million.

The piano Freddie Mercury plays in Bohemian Rhapsody is the same exact piano Paul McCartney plays in Hey Jude.

The first Google Doodle was dedicated to the Burning Man festival attended by Google founders in 1998.

The odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5 000.

The Bible is available in 2 454 languages.

Sweden has the largest scale model of the solar system in the world. It is in the scale of 1:20 million and stretches 950 km across the country.

Italy is home to the largest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with 50.

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