Introducing The SinCast – A CinemaSins Podcast

The Dark Knight made more money in its first six days in the US than Batman Begins made in its entire domestic run.

Adele, Leona Lewis and Jessie J all went to the same school.

Despite smoking in numerous films Clint Eastwood has never smoked habitually.

Introducing The SinCast - A CinemaSins Podcast

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Did You Know That?
Did You Know That?

The bridge blown up by Eli Wallach and Clint Eastwood in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly was prematurely detonated by a Spanish Army Captain. Upon learning of his mistake the Captain ordered his troops to rebuild the bridge, only for it to suffer another explosion once complete.

Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter was allergic to Harry Potter glasses.

Frank Oz was the voice for Yoda, Miss Piggy and Cookie Monster.

In the 1920's and early 1930's women dominated the screenwriting profession in Hollywood's movies.

Adele, Leona Lewis and Jessie J all went to the same school.

Often derided as a mega-flop, Waterworld actually took home nearly $90m more in worldwide box office than its estimated budget. Factor in TV sales, merchandise and home video and Kevin Costner's 'Kevin's Gate' ended up floating quite nicely.

To thank Robin Williams for his work on Aladdin, Disney sent him a late Pablo Picasso painting.

Sigourney Weaver actually made that ‘impossible’ basketball shot in, Aliens: Resurrection.

And the voice of Zuul is director Ivan Reitman.

Pocahontas originally had a talking turkey character named Redfeather. He was going to be voiced by John Candy, and was scrapped after John Candy’s death.

Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled can be seen in Frozen.

Jackie Chan provided the speaking and singing voice for Beast in the Chinese version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

There are 106 people named Harry Potter in the U.S. according to the Census Bureau.

Aladdin’s appearance was almost based on Michael J. Fox, but was later changed and modeled after Tom Cruise.

The iconic body and hand in the poster for American Beauty belong to actress/model Chloe Hunter, not Mena Suvari.

Steven Spielberg pops up for a cameo in Vanilla Sky wearing a Pre-Crime baseball cap.

Lady GaGa’s bra size is 34B.

Peter Ostrum, Charlie from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, never acted in another movie after that and is now a veterinarian.

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