Husband Realized His Wife Is Cheating Rather Than Revenge Just Left a Note for Him

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The last surviving WW1 Veteran was a woman. She was a waitress at an air base.

Hallucinatory 'voices' seem to be shaped by local culture. In the U.S. the voices are harsh and threatening while those heard by schizophrenics in Africa and India tend to be more benign and playful.

Abraham Lincoln was the tallest U.S. President at 6-foot-4.

Husband Realized His Wife Is Cheating Rather Than Revenge Just Left a Note for Him

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

In English four is the only digit that has the same number of letters as its value.

There is a city in Norway called “Hell”

There is no visual difference between male and female herons.

Japan and Russia still haven't signed a peace treaty to end World War II due to the Kuril Islands dispute.

In the 1st century AD polar bears fought seals in Roman amphitheaters flooded with water.

Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day.

California was the first U.S. state that banned Marijuana a century ago.

According to Douglas Adams a Salween is the faint taste of dishwashing liquid in a cup of fresh tea.

Only one of Sweden's top 20 surnamesdoesn't end in “son”:Lindberg.

More Guinness beer is drunk in Nigeria than Ireland.

The U.S. has 115 000 janitors 83 000 bartenders and 323 000 restaurant servers with bachelor's degrees.

In China women who remain unmarried in their late 20s and beyond are called "Sheng nu" which means "leftover women."

Jet lag was once called boat lag before there were jets.

Elephants can differentiate between men and women and between different ethnicities when they hear a voice.

In Britain a woman was given 20 months in jail for creating fake Facebook profiles to send abusive messages to herself.

Lake Hillier in Australia is a bright pink color and scientists aren't sure why.

The star that's closest to our sun Proxima Centauri is still much farther away than Pluto.

Leo Da Vinci used to buy caged animals at the market just to set them free.

Only female mosquitoes bite.

15%of American adults do not use the Internet.

Iran sentences its citizens to the death penalty on cases of corruption.

Sweat itself is odorless. It's the bacteria on the skin that mingles with it and produces body odor.

Watch Video: Husband Realized His Wife Is Cheating Rather Than Revenge Just Left a Note for Him

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Did You Know That?

Flies jump backwards during takeoff.

Spider silk is about 5 times stronger than steel of the same weight.

When you donate your body to science it can get used as a crash test dummy for medical training forensic research or to save a life through organ transplants.

The longest cat ever measured 48.5 inches (1.23 m) when fully stretched out.

54%of the Americans drink coffee every day.

China uses 45 billion chopsticks per year.

Canada's lowest recorded temperature was -81.4 degrees Fahrenheit (-63 C) in 1947.

Go. is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

A crocodile can’t poke its tongue out :p

Homosexuality and abortion were decriminalised in Russia under Lenin's leadership.

Humans have been hunter-gatherers for 99% of their history.

The pyramids were built by paid laborers. Not slaves. That's a myth by Herodotus the Greek historian.

According to a study on Academy Award speeches Steven Spielberg has been thanked more than God.

In 2012 a court in Italy ruled that telling a man he has "no balls" is a crime punishable with a fine.

The concept behind the word "cool" might come from the African word "itutu" brought to America by slavery.

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