Her Dad Refused to Let Her Marry 50 Years Later She Discovers The Reason Why

After Michael Jordan scored a game-high 69 points teammate Stacey King quipped "I'll always remember this as the night that Michael Jordan and I combined to score 70 points."

Nearly half the gold ever mined has come from one place: Witwatersrand South Africa.

A Rhino's horn is made of compacted hair.

Her Dad Refused to Let Her Marry 50 Years Later She Discovers The Reason Why

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

99% of all mobile malware is targeted at Android users.

Goats are quite agile creatures and in some cases they can jump over 5 feet.

The February of 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

In most advertisements including newspapers the time displayed on a watch is 10:10.

Cockroaches are among the world's fartiest species.

In the 1st century AD polar bears fought seals in Roman amphitheaters flooded with water.

When the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers play football at home the stadium becomes the state’s third largest city.

Women spend nearly one year of their lives deciding what to wear.

Chinese Crested dogs can get acne.

Fireflies are also known as lightning bugs.

Illinois has the highest number of personalized license plates than any other state.

Over 900 streets in the United States are named after Martin Luther King Jr.

The world pours more steel in an hour than it has poured gold since the beginning of recorded history.

Recycling one ton of paper saves 17 trees.

30 000 dogs a day are slaughtered in China for meat and fur.

Almost a third of the world's languages are spoken only in Africa.

India has more population than the entire Western Hemisphere of Earth.

One third of all cancers are sun related.

A Rhino's horn is made of compacted hair.

The Amazon River discharges 5 times as much water as any other river on the planet.

There were 240 pedestrian fatalities in New York City in 1994.

Every day plants convert sunlight into energy equivalent to six times the entire power consumption of human civilization.

Watch Video: Her Dad Refused to Let Her Marry 50 Years Later She Discovers The Reason Why

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There's one kosher butcher in Cuba. Fidel Castro personally allowed him to stay and serve 1 500 people practicing Judaism.

24k Gold melts at 1063°C or 1945°F.

Ferrets sleep around 20 hours a day.

Many Hot springs and public bathhouses in Japan ban customers with tattoos from entering.

Your heart beats over 100 000 times per day.

Two-thirds of the water used in the average home is used in the bathroom.

In Switzerland some people still regularly eat dog and cat meat. It's legal in the country.

British Pennies are used to adjust the time in London's Big Ben clock tower.

In 2005 a man named Ronald MacDonald actually robbed a Wendy's.

Cows from different areas have a different moo accent.

In West Bengal India cows must have a Photo ID Card.

It's estimated 1.5 million people are "missing missing" in the U.S.; people who have disappeared but haven't been reported as missing.

Contrary to popular belief Coffee does not dehydrate you studies have found.

The word "soccer" originated as a slang abbreviation of the word "association"

There is a water reservoir floating in space that is equivalent to 140 trillion times all the water in the world's ocean.

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