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A coyote crossed with a dog is called a "coydog".

Bibliomancy is the practice by some people of opening the Bible at random to be guided by whatever verse they see first.

A flock of crows is known as a murder.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Arnold Schonberg suffered from triskaidecphobia the fear of the number 13. He died 13 minutes from midnight on Friday the 13th.

A natural predator of the Moose is the Killer Whale. They have been known to prey on moose swimming around America's Northwest Coast.

The Soviet Union had transferred over 150 nuclear weapons to Cuba by the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Male dolphins are called "bulls" and females "cows".

The Gulf War cost each American US$306 while Vietnam was US$2 204 per person. The Korean War cost US$2 266 and WW2 US$20 388 per person.

Ninety percent of New York City cabbies are recently arrived immigrants.

A blue whale is larger than a basketball court.

James Cameron sought Hollywood funding for the movie "Titanic" not because he wanted to make the movie but because he wanted to dive to the shipwreck.

Indian actor Brahmanandam Kanneganti had a role in more than 1000 films a world record.

There's a museum in Russia that hires cats to protect its artworks against rodents.

82% of Americans believe in some kind of afterlife.

Christmas was once illegal in England.

75%of people who marry partners from an affair eventually divorce.

Elvis Presley never performed outside of North America.

Only about 15% of the Sahara Desert is covered in sand.

Degringolade means to fall and disintegrate.

You can use Skype to call toll free numbers at no charge in the U.S. UK Taiwan and France.

Every 13 minutes a woman dies from breast cancer in the U.S.

Dyeing pets to look like other wild animals is a trend in China.

In Argentina political parties have their own brands of beer.

Mr. Rogers was an ordained minister.

The Mimic Octopus can impersonate up to 15 marine species including Sea Snakes Stingrays Lionfishes and Jellyfishes.


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About 3 000 Euros are thrown into the Trevi fountain in Italy each day.

George Washington’s teeth were made of elephant ivory, and walrus tusks.

Men lie 6 times a day twice as often as women.

On December 23 1947 Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill N.J. held a secret demonstration of the transistor which marked the foundation of modern electronics.

Fat Man was the codename for the atomic bomb that was detonated over Nagasaki.

Whatsapp is cited in nearly half of all Italian divorce proceedings.

NASA engineers asked Sally Ride the first American woman in space if 100 tampons was the right number for her 7-day trip to space.

Ants closely resemble human manners: When they wake they stretch & appear to yawn in a human manner before taking up the tasks of the day.

Turkeys have a poor sense of smell, but excellent sense of taste.

Tigers have striped skin not just striped fur.

Cats are believed to be responsible for the extinction of several species of animals.

Plants and warm-blooded animals closer to the equator tend to be darker.

Your ribs move about 5 million times a year every time you breathe!

In 2013 a fake tweet temporarily wiped out US$130 billion off the stock market.

United Artists offered Stallone up to US$340 000 to sell them the rights to the screenplay of Rocky if he agreed to not star in the movie. He refused.

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