After This Guy's Mom Recognized His Boyfriend, They Discovered the Disturbing Truth

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The U.S. spends US$30 per American per year of foreign aid on health which can buy enough measles vaccines for 120 children.

Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and had only ONE testicle.

Mount Everest has about 200 dead bodies on it which are now landmarks on the way to the top.

After This Guy's Mom Recognized His Boyfriend, They Discovered the Disturbing Truth

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

In Judaism you don't need to be Jewish to get into the "next world" (Heaven).

A group of pandas is called an "embarrassment."

The primary founder and the first Prime Minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion was an atheist.

Night vision goggles are green because the human eye can differentiate more shades of green than any other color.

Cows have best friends and become sad when they are separated according to scientists.

The honey bee has been around for 30 million years.

Michael Jackson wanted to do a Harry Potter musical but J.K. Rowling said no.

Starfish have no brains.

Cleaning a cat's litter box can get you Toxoplasmosis if the cat is infected. While pregnant it can cause your baby to be born with cerebral palsy seizures and mental retardation.

Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty.

It takes the average McDonald's employee 7 months to earn what a CEO makes in an hour.

Only 5% of dogs experience dental decay compared with 90% of children.

In 1969 NASA possessed the technology to land on the moon but not the technology to fake the moon landings.

In Japan Ronald McDonald is called Donald McDonald due to a lack of a clear "r" sound in Japanese.

Mount Everest shrank one inch (2.5 cm) due to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

Eagles can live in captivity for up to 46 years.

"Friendstalker" was one of the early names considered for Twitter.

A Flemish artist is responsible for the world’s smallest paintings in history. It is a picture of a miller and his mill and it was painted onto a grain of corn.

Antarctica is the largest desert in the world.

75%of cars that Rolls-Royce has ever produced are still on the road today.

The Statue of Liberty wears a size 879 shoe.

Alfred Hitchcock filmed a documentary about the Holocaust in 1945. It was hidden until 1984.

Watch Video: After This Guy's Mom Recognized His Boyfriend, They Discovered the Disturbing Truth

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Did You Know That?

Gorillas sleep as much as fourteen hours per day.

Britain’s shortest river is the Brun which runs through Burnley in Lancashire.

-40 degrees Fahrenheit is equal to -40 degrees Celsius.

The top ten deadliest snakes can be found in Australia.

Cats are America's most popular pets: there are 88 million cats compared to 74 million dogs.

A cat inherited a fortune of US$13 million from its owner in Italy.

Argentina has the highest number of psychiatrists per capita in the world.

The “Like” button on Facebook was originally going to be called “Awesome”.

A rhinoceros horn is made of compacted hair.

Religious practices like prayer and attending services is associated with lower levels of psychological distress.

Americans on average eat 18 acres of pizza every day.

Over 100 000 people have applied for a one-way trip to colonize Mars in 2022.

The first cloned dogs six Canadian Labradors started to work for South Korea's customs service as sniffers in 2009.

Norwegians pay half tax in November so everyone has more money for Christmas.

There's a Christian church in San Francisco that worships John Coltrane as a Saint and uses his lyrics as prayers.

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