9 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

A single elephant tooth can weigh as much as 9 pounds.

Killing someone to prevent the theft of property is legal in Texas.

The weird bright dots you see floating when you look at the sky are your white blood cells.

9 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Olympic Gold Medals only contain 1.34% of gold.

About 100 billion people have died in all human history.

A polar bears skin is black. Its fur is actually clear but like snow it appears white.

Cockroaches appeared 120 million years before dinosaurs.

In Greek mythology it was believed that redheads turn into vampires when they die.

Ants never sleep. Also they don’t have lungs.

Only one in two billion people will live to be 116 or older.

If you go blind in one eye you only lose about one fifth of your vision but all your sense of depth.

Canada has the third largest oil reserves of any country in the world after Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

By 2023 the average US$1 000 laptop will be just as fast as the human brain according to Ray Kurzweil.

Only 5% of dogs experience dental decay compared with 90% of children.

A Penny costs 2.4 cents to manufacture.

When young black sea basses are mostly female but at the age of 5 years many switch sexes to male.

A study found that fewer than 10% of people say they're not perfectionists in any area of life so perfectionism is a common trait.

The average person walks 75 000 miles (120 000 KM) in a lifetime or five times round the world.

When the first prototype of Apple's iPod was shown to Steve Jobs he dropped it in an aquarium and used the air bubbles to prove there was empty space and it could be made smaller.

347 000 Tweets are sent every minute.

The word "bride" comes from an old proto-germanic word meaning "to cook".

It was once against the law to have a pet dog in a city in Iceland.

Israel is so small you can run through it from west to east in 2 hours and from top to bottom in 9 days.

The domain GoogleSucks.com is owned by Google.

Bumblebees have hair on their eyes.

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Did You Know That?

An elephant can smell water from 12 miles away.

The kangaroo’s ancestors lived in trees. Today there are eight different kinds of tree kangaroos.

The largest population of Catholics in the world is not in Italy nor Spain. It's in Brazil: 123 million 64% of its population.

Germany and Japan have the lowest birth rate in the world.

All Pakistani passports bear the inscription "This passport is valid for all countries of the World except Israel."

The average cost of a night out in New York is US$82.

A cat's tail contains nearly 10% of all the bones in its body.

Christmas trees have been sold in the U.S. since 1850.

On one episode of "Price Is Right " an elephant was offered as a "bonus prize." The contestant won insisted on the prize and a live elephant from Kenya had to be delivered to him.

There's a hill in New Zealand called Taumata-whakatangihanga-koauau-o-tamatea-turi-pukakapiki-maunga-horo-nuku-pokai-whenua-kitanatahu.

Women manage the money and pay the bills in 75% of all Americans households.

The dot over the letter “i” is called a tittle.

Dolphins can eat up to 30 pounds of fish a day.

If you yelled for 8 years 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough energy to heat one cup of coffee.

A tiger's roar can be heard as far as 1.8 miles (3 km) away.

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