7 Most Dangerous Pokemon Go Gyms In The World

Fortune cookies are not a traditional Chinese custom. They were invented in early 1900 in San Francisco.

Coca-Cola was originally green.

In Ancient Egypt killing a cat even accidentally incurred the death penalty.

7 Most Dangerous Pokemon Go Gyms In The World

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

3 of the 5 wealthiest people in Brazil got rich off beer.

Ninety percent of New York City cabbies are recently arrived immigrants.

Between 1974 and 1983 up to 30 000 people went "missing" in Argentina. Most were killed by the military junta running the country.

Pregnant women at a healthy weight only need to eat an extra 300 calories per day.

The U.S. Tax Code is 5 000 pages long while The Bible and "War and Peace" only have about 4 500 pages.

Olympic Gold Medals only contain 1.34% of gold.

1 billion people still defecate in the open in the absence of a toilet.

When we think of Big Ben in London we think of the clock. Actually it’s the bell.

Recycling one aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 2 hours.

The King of Norway is 73rd in line to the British throne.

In most advertisements including newspapers the time displayed on a watch is 10:10.

Switzerland is the only country with a square flag.

Bill Gates’ first business was Traff-O-Data a company that created machines which recorded the number of cars passing a given point on a road.

Apiphobia is the fear of bees.

A beautiful face attracts more partners than a beautiful body according to a scientific survey.

A grasshopper can leap 20 times the length of its own body.

The first toilet ever seen on television was on “Leave It to Beaver.”

A sample of Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree was sent into space to 'defy gravity.'

The most common name in Italy is Mario Rossi.

86% of holy water contains fecal matter.

The head of the Statue of Liberty was displayed at the World's Fair of 1878 in Paris.

Human fingers can feel objects as small as 13 nanometers. If your finger was the size of the Earth you would feel the difference between houses and cars.

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A healthy (non-colorblind) human eye can distinguish between 500 shades of gray.

Every single spy Hitler thought he had in Britain during WW2 was a double agent under British control.

A man in Nebraska is breeding red cows and sending them to Israel so that Jews build a Third Temple and "Jesus comes again".

In 2011 a monkey was arrested in Pakistan for crossing the border with India.

The San people of Southern Africa today use the same set of tools that were found in a Cave dating to 44 000 years ago.

It was once against the law to have a pet dog in a city in Iceland.

Many claim that a genocide was committed in Australia against its native people from 1910 to 1970 in an effort to create a "white Australia."

Germany and Japan have the lowest birth rate in the world.

Women were first allowed to participate in the Olympic Games in 1900.

If you eat a polar bear liver you'll die. Humans can't handle that much vitamin A.

Everyday more money is printed for Monopoly sets than for the U.S. Treasury.

A group of rhinos are called a crash.

80% of volcanic eruptions happen underwater.

Cancer causes more deaths than AIDS tuberculosis and malaria combined.

"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God" was Benjamin Franklin's suggested motto for the Great Seal of the U.S.

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