Caffeine is made of carbon hydrogen nitrogen and oxygen. The same as cocaine thalidomide nylon TNT and heroin.

Dik-diks weigh between three and six kilogrammes.

Elvis Presley never performed outside of North America.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Back in 1924, a monkey was convicted in South Bend of the crime of smoking a cigarette and sentenced to pay a 25 dollar fine!

To study the health effects of coffee King Gustav III of Sweden commuted the death sentences of a pair of twins on the condition that one drank 3 pots of coffee and the other tea for the rest of their lives.

A bull can inseminate 300 cows from one single ejaculation.

Human birth control pills work on gorillas.

James Cameron sought Hollywood funding for the movie "Titanic" not because he wanted to make the movie but because he wanted to dive to the shipwreck.

Because metal was scarce the Oscars given out during World War II were made of wood.

Napoleon’s penis was sold to an American Urologist for $40 000.

Mars is populated entirely by robots. Seven to be precise.

Goats do not have teeth in their upper front jaw.

Dogs are about as smart as a two or three-year-old child.

Malaria is thought to be responsible for the death of about half of all people who ever lived.

Earth days are getting longer by 1.7 milliseconds every century.

Only female mosquito’s’ bite and most are attracted to the color blue twice as much as to any other color.

India has the largest slave population in the modern world with over 14 million slaves.

Couples who live together before engagement have a higher divorce rates than those who wait.

Hummingbirds beat their wings 60 to 80 times per second.

Cows moo in accents specific to their region just like humans.

1 in 25 U.S. teenagers has attempted suicide.

Airplane food isn't very tasty because our sense of smell and taste decrease from 20 to 50 percent.

One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television at least once in their life.

Arachnophobia is the fear of spiders.

One third of all cancers are sun related.


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Did You Know That?

Tasmania Australia has the cleanest air in the inhabited world.

A "Panther" isn't a real animal. It's actually a term used to describe black cougars jaguars and leopards.

Grey whales always mate in a threesome: two males to one female.

The last time somebody died from a spider bite in Australia was in 1981.

Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty.

A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

If you earn more than US$21 000 a year you are part of the richest 4% of the planet.

‘Penis Fencing’ is a scientific term for the mating ritual between flatworms. It involves two flatworms attempting to stab the other flatworm with their penis.

Americans on the average eat 18 acres of pizza every day.

It is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona.

There's a town in Spain where 700 people share the surname "Japon" as they are descendants of 17th-century samurais who stayed there after an embassy returned to Japan.

Between 1838 and 1960 more than half the photos taken were of babies.

Giraffes and rats can last longer without water than camels.

Dog nose prints are as unique as human finger prints and can be used to identify them.

Smoking can lead to impotence in men.

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