5 Yr Old Rushes To Neighbor Roaring “Mom Died In Shower ” She Spots His Hands And Reacts Instantly

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Americans spent more than US$15 billion on jeans in 2005.

Lobsters breathe with the gills at the base of their legs.

The oldest bridge in Paris France is the Pont Neuf or "New Bridge."

5 Yr Old Rushes To Neighbor Roaring

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

A space suit costs US$12 million.

Nelson Mandela has a cameo in the 1992 movie "Malcolm X" as a teacher reciting one of the civil rights activist's speeches.

Most people can survive for up to 2 months without eating but people can only live up to 11 days without sleeping.

In 1933 Mickey Mouse an animated cartoon character received 800 000 fan letters.

In Texas it is legal to kill BigFoot if you ever find it.

The city of "New Amsterdam" was given to the Duke of York in 1664 as an 18th birthday present from his father. He renamed the city as "New York."

Legalizing marijuana would generate $8.7 billion in federal and state tax revenue per year.

98% of all adoptions in Japan are of male adults so that family businesses can remain within the family.

Only 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful.

The only dog that doesn’t have a pink tongue is the chow.

In 5 000 years of human history only one disease has been eradicated: smallpox.

In 2012 Elvis Presley's underwear was auctioned off but no one bought it.

There are more living organisms in a teaspoonful of soil than there are people on earth.

In 2013 soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo opened a museum dedicated to himself.

Abraham Lincoln's son Robert was saved from a train accident by Edwin Booth brother of his father's killer John Wilkes Booth.

61% of school children in India have disease-causing germs on their hands.

Applying hemorrhoid cream to your chest and waist can make you look more muscular.

In Finland 9 out of 10 plastic bottles are returned for recycling and almost 100% of glass bottles are also recycled.

The city with the most Roll Royces per capita: Hong Kong

There are more life forms living on your skin than there are people on the planet.

Anne Frank's father was an officer in the German army during World War I.

The airplane Buddy Holly died in was the “American Pie” (Thus the name of the Don McLean song).

Watch Video: 5 Yr Old Rushes To Neighbor Roaring “Mom Died In Shower ” She Spots His Hands And Reacts Instantly

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Did You Know That?

African elephants have the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom.

60% of YouTube's 1 000 most popular videos are blocked in Germany.

All snow crystals are hexagonal.

A toaster uses almost half as much energy as a full-sized oven.

In 1986 a volcanic lake in Cameroon Africa burped a C02 gas cloud that killed 1 746 people in minutes.

8.7%of Facebook users are fake.

The Blue-ringed octopus is one of the world's most venomous marine animals: it can kill you in one bite there is no antivenom.

The first arrest for Marijuana possession and selling in the U.S. occurred in Denver Colorado on October 2 1937.

The main exporter of Brazil nuts is not Brazil. It's Bolivia.

Parasitic and host plants have a dialogue by sharing genetic information with one another.

Nelson Mandela and Muammar Gaddafi were close friends.

Netherlands is the only country with a national dog.

Canada is the second largest country in the world right after Russia.

Of a total of about 7 000 staff at Auschwitz only 750 were ever punished.

The kangaroo’s ancestors lived in trees. Today there are eight different kinds of tree kangaroos.

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