5 Bodybuilders That Died From Steroids

Sweden has the least number of murders annually.

California has more than 130 000 people in prison.

Lobster was fed to slaves because it was considered a mark of poverty prior to the 20th century.

5 Bodybuilders That Died From Steroids

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Dogs have sweat glands in between their paws.

There are more black men in prison today than there were black male slaves before the American Civil War.

Before Bill Nye became "The Science Guy " he was a stand-up comedian.

Since 1870 global sea levels have risen by about 8 inches (20 cm).

All female bees in a given hive are sisters.

Every day in the U.S. more than 100 000 people get a speeding ticket.

The word "soccer" originated as a slang abbreviation of the word "association"

There's a restaurant in Japan using monkeys as waiters.

At birth, baby kangaroos are only about an inch long – no bigger than a large water bug or a queen bee.

Every 13 minutes a woman dies from breast cancer in the U.S.

The movie industry relocated from New York to LA to escape from Thomas Edison's patents.

Uranus rotates sideways and "rolls" around the sun rather than "spinning" like the other planets.

Bill Gates continued to fly coach until 1997 when his net worth was already US$36 billion.

The Roman Empire was not the largest empire in history. It was only the 28th largest.

All of the world's energy needs can be met with 1/10 000th of the light from the Sun that falls on Earth each day according to the inventor Ray Kurzweil.

One woman dies every hour in India because of dowry-related crimes.

The Guinness World Records stopped awarding the fattest cats or any other animal to discourage deliberate overfeeding.

YouTube has a production space in Los Angeles that is free to use if you have 10 000 subscribers.

Christmas trees have been sold in the U.S. since 1850.

The Earth lost 40% of its wildlife in the past 40 years according to the WWF.

In 31 states of the U.S. Rapists can legally sue for child custody if the rape results in pregnancy.

YouTube star Grumpy Cat earned more money than Oscar-Winning Actress Gwyneth Paltrow in 2014.

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Listerine was invented in 1879 as a surgical antiseptic and later sold as a floor cleaner and a cure for gonorrhea.

Saudi Arabia a member of the U.N. Human Rights Council punished 2 000 people with the death penalty since 1985.

Koalas never drink water. They get fluids from the eucalyptus leaves they eat.

"Science" and "shit" both come from the ancient word "skheid " meaning to "separate" or "divide."

Research has shown that domestic cats never forgive. They fail to show signs of reconciliation like other animals do.

In 2013 two physicist managed to"tie" water into knots.

In Judaism finding someone a job that enables self-sufficiency is considered the highest form of charity.

Before publishing "Don Quixote " Cervantes was captured and kept as slave for 5 years in Algiers. A ransom was paid by his parents.

You are more likely to die from a falling coconut than from a shark attack.

The average Japanese household watches more than 10 hours of television a day.

Fidel Castro has said that he saved ten working days a year by not bothering to shave.

Antarctica has only one ATM.

The man who ordered the grounding of all aircraft in the U.S. on 9/11 was on his first day on the job.

The Harry Potter series were the most banned books of the century in the U.S.

Mount Everest shrank one inch (2.5 cm) due to the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.

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