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A man called Harold Hackett has put over 4800 messages in bottles into the ocean and has gotten 3000 responses back.

King Louis XIX ruled France for 15 minutes.

There are an average of 178 sesame seeds on a McDonald’s Big Mac bun.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Women blink nearly twice as much as men.

You share your birthday with at least 9 million other people in the world.

The Statue of Liberty's face was said to be modeled after the sculptor's mother Charlotte.

The turkey is one of the most famous birds in North America.

There are 240 dots on an arcade Pac-Man game

Chile has a civilian town in Antarctica complete with a school hospital hostel post office Internet TV and mobile phone coverage.

There are more skin cancer cases due to indoor tanning than lung cancer cases due to smoking.

South Korean soap operas are popular in Cuba.

Government officials in Lionel Messi's hometown in Argentina have banned parents from naming their children "Messi."

If everyone lived as densely as the do in Manhattan the human race could fit in New Zealand.

If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop.

The first magazine ever seen was launched in 1663 in Germany.

Frogs cannot swallow without blinking.

It only takes 6 minutes for brain cells to react to alcohol.

It is illegal to spay or neuter your dog in Norway except under very specific circumstances.

A very small minority of Jews believe that a Rabbi who died in 1994 is the Messiah and even an incarnation of God.

November 28 2012 was the most peaceful day New York City ever had—not a single violent crime was reported.

Abraham Lincoln Created The Secret Service The Day He Was Shot.

Thousands of Americans migrated to the USSR in the 1930s during the Great Depression.

A British prisoner of war captured by the Germans in WW1 was freed to see his dying mother then went back to the prison camp because he gave the Kaiser 'his word' he would return.

Vending machines kill 13 people per year.

In 1996 a man broke into a radio station in New Zealand held the manager hostage and demanded the station to play "Rainbow Connection" by Kermit the frog.


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Did You Know That?

The tiger's stripes are not only found on their fur but also on their skin.

La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Spain where people throw thousands of tomatoes at each other.

Most scholars say Jesus never viewed himself as creating a new religion per se just reforming Judaism.

It used to be against the law to have a pet dog in Iceland.

All pandas in the world are on loan from China.

Sharks can grow a new set of teeth in 8 days.

The city of New York will pay for a one-way plane ticket for any homeless person if they have a guaranteed place to stay elsewhere.

Over 30 of Paul Walker's cars were stolen from a warehouse within 24 hours of his tragic death.

The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.

A large number of Muslims sacrificed themselves to save Jews and fight Nazis in World War II.

The mortality rate of a Black Mamba snake bite is almost 100%.

A group of finches is called a Charm.

Facebook tracks which sites you visit even AFTER you have signed out.

The couch gag is actually a trick used by the writers to make the show longer or shorter.

France uses 12 different time zones the most of any country in the world.

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