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In the 16th century England punished vagabonds with two years of servitude for the first offence and death penalty for the second.

Approximately 100 people die each year when they are stepped on by cows.

Even though a polar bears average body temperature is 37°C; they don’t give off any detectable heat, so they won’t show up in infrared photographs.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

If you inhale a pea it can sprout and grow in your lungs.

Dogs and elephants are the only animals that seem to instinctively understand pointing.

There is a species of spider called the Hobo Spider.

The average person walks 75 000 miles (120 000 KM) in a lifetime or five times round the world.

There are more psychoanalysts per capita in Buenos Aires than any other place in the world.

At least 20 million people died during the Taiping Rebellion in China led by a man who claimed to be the brother of Jesus and who attempted to impose a theocracy based on his interpretation of Christianity.

In older versions of Little Red Riding Hood the girl and the wolf eat grandma together.

Arguing about money is the top predictor of divorce a study found.

A full moon is nine times brighter than a half moon.

Ice Age Britons used human skulls as cups.

40% of Americans think that humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time.

Capuchin Male Monkeys urinate on themselves to attract a mate.

Each year, there are more than 40,000 toilet related injuries in the United States.

Krubera Cave the deepest known cave on Earth has depth of 2 197 m (7 208 ft).

The last surviving Civil War widow didn't pass away until 2008. She married an 86-year-old veteran when she was only 19.

Pandas have lived on Earth for 2 to 3 million years.

The smallest horse in the world is just 17 inches (43 cm) tall and weighs 57 lb (26 kg).

Every year Mexico City sinks about 10 inches.

Sending a man to the Moon and finding Osama Bin Laden cost the US government about the same amount of time and money: 10 years and $100 billion.

Honey is the only food that will never rot it can last 3000 years.

Bruce Lee was so fast they actually had to run his films slower so you can see his moves.

A Boeing 747′s wingspan is longer than the Wright brother’s first flight.


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Honey is the only food that will never rot it can last 3000 years.

Barry Manilow didn't write his song called "I write the songs".

All characters are based on and named after his creator Matt Groening’s family.

California uses inmates to fight forest fires. Prisoners take the jobs because it reduces their sentence gets them outside and pays better than typical prison jobs.

A Boeing 747′s wingspan is longer than the Wright brother’s first flight.

A whale’s heart beats only nine times a minute.

The elephant is the only mammal that can’t jump!

The Basenji is the worlds only bark-less dog.

In the 50s North Korea built Kijong-dong a “nice” city visible from the border to encourage South Koreans in. It's actually a ghost city.

Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand.

There is a "Gospel of Judas" not found in the Bible that speaks of Judas as the only one of Jesus' disciples who fully understood his teachings. He turned Jesus over to the Romans because Jesus asked him to.

The town of Calma Chile in the Atacama Desert has never had rain.

In Spanish the word "esposas" means both "wives" and "handcuffs."

Only 5 to 10 percent of cheetah cubs make it to adulthood.

It's okay to pee in the ocean since 95% of urine is water and the nitrogen in urea is used to feed ocean plants.

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