33 ABSURDLY CLEVER TATTOOS, Some Of These Require Some Thinking.

Steve Jobs once called Google to tell them the yellow gradient in the second "O" of their logo wasn't quite right.

63%of U.S. prison inmates can't read.

The Simpsons crew sent flowers to South Park studios when they parodied Family Guy.

33 ABSURDLY CLEVER TATTOOS, Some Of These Require Some Thinking.

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

A cooling cap can prevent breast cancer patients facing chemotherapy from losing their hair.

More gold is recoverable from a ton of personal computers than from 17 tons of gold ore.

Cost of raising a medium-sized dog to the age of 11: £4000

The world's first labour strike was held on the site of a pyramid.

There's a town called "Big Ugly" in West Virginia U.S.A.

It takes about 50 glasses of water to grow the oranges to make one glass of orange juice.

Leonardo Da Vinci was homeschooled and lacked a formal education in Greek and Latin.

51%of Britons have never had a one-night stand.

A full-loaded supertanker traveling at normal speed takes at least 20 minutes to stop.

Women think about their appearance 9 times a day a UK survey found.

The largest iceberg ever measured is bigger than Jamaica: 11 000 sq km (4 200 sq mi). It broke away from Antarctica in 2000.

Tigers have striped skin as well as their fur.

Annual growth of WWW traffic is 314 000%

More people are allergic to cow’s milk than any other food.

The Wat Pa Maha Chedi Kaew temple in Thailand was constructed with 1 million bottles of Heineken and a local beer.

The most valuable legal tender coin in the world is a US$1 million coin from Australia. Since it weighs 1 000 kg and is 99.99% pure gold it is worth almost US$45 million.

Some Fish like the Triggerfish can swim backward.

People who work 11 hours or more a day are 67% more likely to have a heart attack than people with an 8-hour work day according to a study.

The U.S. government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition in the 20s and 30s killing over 10 000 people.

Ommatophobia is the fear of eyes.

A biological reserve has been made for golden toads because they are so rare.

YouTube has a production space in Los Angeles that is free to use if you have 10 000 subscribers.

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There are over 2700 types of snakes in the world and they live in deserts, forests, oceans, streams, lakes.

According to a study up to 50% of the world's natural history specimens in museums are labeled incorrectly.

A Penny costs 2.4 cents to manufacture.

The Netherlands is the world's largest per capita consumer of coffee averaging 2.4 cups of coffee per person per day.

The State of New Jersey U.S.A. was originally called Lorraine and New Sweden.

The odds of dying in a car accident are around 1 in 5 000.

The Romans used to make toothpaste from urine.

On Earth the International Space Station weighs 925 000 pounds more than 11 full semi trucks. In space it weighs almost nothing.

Pregnant women at a healthy weight only need to eat an extra 300 calories per day.

Amsterdam pays alcoholics in beer to clean streets: 5 cans of beer for a day's work plus €10 and tobacco.

Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails!

Google hired a camel to create the Street View of a desert.

Some 5 500 WW2 bombs are discovered in Germany every year and defused an average of 15 per day.

The world's oceans contain nearly 20 million tons of gold.

The average woman uses her height in lipstick every 5 years.

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