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After the Titanic sank the families of the band members were billed By White Star Line for the cost of the uniforms worn as the band members died.

Brazil is the 5th largest country in the world.

Cheese is the most stolen food in the world.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

King Charles XIV of Sweden had a tattoo that read "Death to Kings"

Go. is the shortest complete sentence in the English language.

In Japan there's a festival that is a celebration of the penis and fertility.

In India many brides use the "Bichiya": a wedding ring for the toe.

Some worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food!

Tigers are the only predators known to regularly prey on adult bears.

Paris was originally a Roman city called "Lutetia".

The budget for the Movie "Titanic" was higher than the Titanic itself.

41 new species are discovered by scientists every single day.

The human heart creates enough pressure when it pumps out to the body to squirt blood 30 feet.

Butterflies can see red green and yellow.

Odontophobiais the fear of dentistry and of receiving dental care.

A necropsy is an autopsy on animals.

Robert Todd Lincoln first son of Abraham Lincoln was present or nearby the assassinations of his father James Garfield and William McKinley.

Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world's lakes combined.

Brazil once tried to sell an aircraft carrier on eBay.

Female kangaroos have three vaginas.

The most successful Pirate Captain was a Chinese prostitute with 80 000 sailors working for her.

Islam allows abortion if the pregnancy is a threat to the woman's life or if it's the result of a rape and is less than 4 months old.

Listerine was invented in 1879 as a surgical antiseptic and later sold as a floor cleaner and a cure for gonorrhea.

In 2000 Spain's Paralympic basketball team had to return their gold medals after nearly all of their players were found to have no disability.

Kleenex tissues were originally used as filters in gas masks.


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The first Credit Card was created because of the embarrassment of a man who had to pay for dinner but forgot his wallet.

Monkeys are trained and employed as harvesters of large coconut plantations in Malaysia and Thailand.

It takes 3 000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs.

Bayer famous for producing aspirin bought prisoners from Auschwitz to use as research subjects for testing new drugs.

The weird offspring of a donkey and a zebra is called a "zonkey."

It is forbidden for aircraft to fly over the Taj Mahal.

The Black Death reduced the population of Europe by one third in the period from 1347 to 1351.

Hummingbirds beat their wings 60 to 80 times per second.

77%of Russia is made up of Siberia.

71%of people in China measure success by the things they own making it the world's most materialistic country.

The strongest creatures on Earth are gonorrhea bacteria. They can pull 100 000 times their own body weight.

The only nation whose name begins with an “A” but doesn’t end in an “A” is Afghanistan.

Brad Pitt was banned from China for his role in the movie "7 Years in Tibet."

No one knows what Christopher Columbus looked like. No authentic contemporary portraits of him were found. Most just reconstructed his appearance from written descriptions.

Two-thirds of people tilt their head to the right when they kiss.

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