25 UNSOLVED Mysteries That Will Make Your Head Spin

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It takes 3 000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs.

Camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand.

Women cry on average between 30 and 64 times a year while men cry between 6 and 17 times.

25 UNSOLVED Mysteries That Will Make Your Head Spin

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

In ancient Greece “idiot” meant a private citizen or layman.

The top butterfly flight speed is 12 miles per hour. Some moths can fly 25 miles per hour!

A song that gets stuck in your head is called an "earworm".

In China it is mandatory that cosmetic products are tested on animals while in Europe it's prohibited.

Diabetics' urine can be made into whiskey because of the urine's high sugar content.

100% of the earth's ocean floor has been mapped to a maximum resolution of around 5km.

8%of your body weight is in your blood.

Italy has the eighth-largest economy in the world.

Europe and Africa are only separated by 14.3 km (8.9 mi) of ocean and there are talks of creating the longest bridge ever.

Only 5 to 10 percent of cheetah cubs make it to adulthood.

55% of Americans think they are smarter than the average American.

There are about 30 million dead people on Facebook.

There are no laws against public nudity in Spain.

India has more mobile phones than toilets.

The second-largest lake in Bolivia is called Lake Poopo. It's not a freshwater lake.

Bulgarians are known to be the biggest yogurt eaters in the world.

10% of pregnancies end in miscarriage.

The national anthem of Greece has 158 verses. No one in Greece has memorized all 158 verses.

Donkeys kill more people than plane crashes.

In Dorset Minnesota a 3-year-old boy was elected as mayor .

Otto Frank wrote Audrey Hepburn asking her to portray his daughter Anne in the movie "The Diary of Anne Frank". Audrey kindly declined the part.

if you die in Amsterdam without any friends or family left to attend your funeral a poet will write a poem for you and recite it at your funeral.

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Did You Know That?

Farting helps reduce high blood pressure and is good for your health.

Airplane tray tables hold more bacteria than most typical household items a study found.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist.

Facebookis primarily blue because Mark Zuckerberg suffersred-green color blindness.

Arab women can initiate a divorce if their husbands don’t pour coffee for them.

There is a butterfly in Africa with enough poison in its body to kill six cats!

Cleopatra the last Pharaoh of Egypt was actually Greek not Egyptian.

Cats are revered animals in Islam because Prophet Muhammad loved them.

The first Frenchman known to visit Japan was imprisoned tortured and killed because he tried to promote Christianity.

Cockroaches raised in space become quicker stronger faster and tougher than cockroaches on Earth.

Non-dairy creamer is flammable.

Ninety percent of all species that have become extinct have been birds.

Michael Jackson wanted to do a Harry Potter musical but J.K. Rowling said no.

A grizzly bear has to eat almost 20 000 calories a day.

Our bodies contain about 0.2 milligrams of gold most of it in our blood.

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