25 Extremely Bizarre Court Cases

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If everyone in the world washed their hands properly a million lives could be saved a year.

The February of 1865 is the only month in recorded history not to have a full moon.

In New York State it is illegal to but any alcohol on Sundays before noon.

25 Extremely Bizarre Court Cases

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Russia has over 8400 nuclear weapons more than any other country.

Each Russian consumes 18 litres (4.8 US gal) of alcohol per year doubling what experts consider dangerous.

A dollar bill has 3 000 types of bacteria.

Someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds.

Hawaii's largest-ever earthquake occurred in 1868 and the aftershocks are still being observed.

About 8,000 Americans are injured by musical instruments each year.

Camel’s milk does not curdle.

Wal-Mart has a lower acceptance rate (2.6%) than Harvard University (8.9%).

Almost a third of the world's languages are spoken only in Africa.

Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles per hour. Each one takes 500 years to decompose.

The movie Gravity was more expensive than the Indian Mars mission.

On Sept. 9 2015 Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest-reigning UK monarch ever surpassing Queen Victoria.

One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television at least once in their life.

The attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11 resulted in the largest loss of life by a foreign attack on American soil.

In Russia during times of economic disparity or high inflation teachers can be paid in Vodka.

The average rent for a one-bedroom in Manhattan New York is US$3 400.

Airplane food isn't very tasty because our sense of smell and taste decrease from 20 to 50 percent.

The original lyrics of the "Happy Birthday to You" song was "Good Morning to You".

Months that begin on a Sunday will always have a “Friday the 13th.”

There's an underground river 4 KM (2.4 mi) beneath the Amazon River in Brazil that might be as long but hundreds of times wider.

The first thing ever bought and sold across the Internet was a bag of marijuana around 1971.

Bob Marley's final words were "Money can't buy life."

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The “Like” button on Facebook was originally going to be called “Awesome”.

Your left lung is smaller than your right lung to make room for your heart.

111 111 111 x 111 111 111 = 12 345 678 987 654 321

The Titanoboa lived 60 million years ago and is the largest longest and heaviest snake ever discovered.

Adult cats only meow to communicate with humans.

Your taste buds are replaced every 10 days.

Al Pacino was the first "face" on Facebook.

35%of the world's population drives on the left side of the road.

When you sneeze all your bodily functions stop even your heart.

Abraham Lincoln dreamt of his assassination before it happened.

The Mimic Octopus can impersonate up to 15 marine species including Sea Snakes Stingrays Lionfishes and Jellyfishes.

There's a hotline film makers can call for science advice with the goal of helping film makers incorporate accurate science into their films .

Agrizoophobia is the fear of wild animals.

Antarctica is the only continent on which no Lepidoptera have been found.

On January 2000 due to a computer glitch incorrect Down syndrome test results were sent to 154 pregnant women and two abortions were carried out.

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