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During the 18th century you could pay your admission ticket to the zoo in London by bringing a cat or a dog to feed the lions.

Google takes over 200 factors into account to deliver the best results for any query in a fraction of a second.

It takes a sloth two weeks to digest the food it eats.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

It is estimated that millions of trees are planted by forgetful squirrels.

A group of kangaroos is called a mob.

Around 24 billion pairs of chopsticks are used in Japan each year.

In 2014 a student in Taiwan went blind after keeping her contact lenses in for 6 months. A microscopic bug ate her eyeballs.

Unspayed females dogs only go into heat twice a year.

In Japan watermelons are squared. It’s easier to stack them that way.

Only 2% of women describe themselves as beautiful.

Ethernet is a registered trademark of Xerox Unix is a registered trademark of AT&T.

Ancient Rome in 150 CE had less income inequality than the U.S. today.

Sweden had a Charles VIIbut no Charles I to VI.

Nigeria makes more movies every year than the US.

Organised commercial bungee jumping first began in New Zealand in the 1980s.

The average cost of a night out in New York is US$82.

In 1492 the Catholic monarchs of Spain issued a decree banning all Jews from Spain. Sultan Bayezid a Muslim sent the Ottoman navy to Spain to rescue the Jews from Spanish persecution.

Suicide attempts were punished as crimes in England and Wales until 1961.

North Korea holds elections every 5 years in which the ballots list only one candidate.

Rio de Janeiro was once the capital of Portugal making it the only European capital outside of Europe.

A 10-Year-Old Goldfish Had a 45-Minute Surgery To Remove A Tumor in 2014.

More gold is recoverable from a ton of personal computers than from 17 tons of gold ore.

In New York 6.5 hectares of buildings were directly affected when the Twin Towers collapsed in 9/11.

A physicist made his cat the co-author of his scientific paper to avoid replacing "we" with "I" throughout his paper.

The creator of the Pringles packaging had his ashes stored in a Pringles Can after he died.


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Did You Know That?

Potatoes were illegal in France between 1748 and 1772.

500 000 Italians visit an exorcist every year.

Everything you say to Siri is sent to Apple analyzed and stored.

If you search for "Do the Harlem shake" on YouTube the page itself will do the harlem shake for you.

Bacteria the tiniest free-living cells are so small that a single drop of liquid contains as many as 50 million of them.

Under their fur polar bears have black skin.

Ancient Egyptian priests would pluck every hair from their bodies.

Pope Leo XIII carried a hip flask full of wine infused with cocaine.

A blue whale's heart can be as large as a car.

Cockroaches shed their skin.

It snowed in the Sahara Desert in 1979.

51% Of People Think Stormy Weather Affects Cloud Computing.

Our moon is bigger than Pluto and 1/4 the diameter of Earth.

Charlie Chaplin made his movie mocking Hitler with his own money because Hollywood was afraid of losing money if they took a stand.

In 2003, Dr. Roger Mugford invented the “wag-o-meter” a device that claims to interpret a dog’s exact mood by measuring the wag of its tail.

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