A lack of exercise is now causing as many deaths as smoking across the world a study suggests.

Dogs wag their tails to the right when they're happy and to the left when they're frightened.

China has more internet users on mobile devices than on PCs.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Common Cobra venom is not on the list of top 10 venoms yet it is still 40 times more toxic than cyanide.

The first McDonald’s restaurant in Canada was in Richmond British Columbia.

Chameleons can move their eyes in two directions at the same time.

35 million of your cells die every minute.

Over 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.

It takes 3 000 cows to supply the NFL with enough leather for a year’s supply of footballs.

Average number of days a West German goes without washing his underwear: 7

37%Of New Yorkers were born in another country.

Who’s that playing the piano on the “Mad About You” theme? Paul Reiser himself.

Nepal was the first country in Asia to introduce gay marriage. It has also outlawed the death penalty.

Early Christians were called "atheists" by Romans as they didn't pay tribute to pagan gods.

More people go to church on Sunday in China than in the whole of Europe.

In the U.S. a sentence of life in prison without parole was given for trying to sell US$10 of marijuana to an undercover officer.

The word “vodka” comes from the Russian word “voda” that means “water”.

In ancient times Chinese people feared pandas and described them as metal-devouring black-and-white "tapirs."

Charlie Sheen once bought 2 600 seats at a baseball game so he could catch a home run ball.

People experience better sleep during the new moon and worse sleep during a full moon a study found.

In the last 3 500 years there have been approximately 230 years of peace throughout the civilized world.

Martin Luther King Jr. plagiarized a significant portion of his doctoral dissertation from one written by another student 3 years earlier.

In California and 3 other U.S. states "Ladies' Night" are against the law because they are gender discrimination.

A face-recognition software determined that Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is 83% happy 9% disgusted 6% fearful and 2% angry.

The male gypsy moth can “smell” the virgin female gypsy moth from 1.8 miles away (pretty good trick).


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There is a small village in France called "Pussy".

It costs US$8 876 per year to own and maintain an average car in the U.S. That's US$443 800 in 50 years.

A hydrodaktulpsychicharmonica is a variety of musical glasses.

Cows have four stomachs.

If you lift a kangaroo’s tail off the ground it can’t hop – they use their tails for balance.

The richest man in India Mukesh Ambani built a home valued at US$1 billion. It's a 27-story building with 3 helipads a 6-floor car park a staff of 600 a 4-storey hanging garden and a cinema.

Caesar salad has nothing to do with any of the Caesars. It was first concocted in a bar in Tijuana Mexico in the 1920′s.

It takes the average McDonald's employee 7 months to earn what a CEO makes in an hour.

Barack Obama's late father was a senior economist for the Kenyan government.

There will be a 50% increase in lightning strikes by 2100 if global warming continues according to a scientific report.

In the United States more Frisbee discs are sold each year than baseballs basketballs and footballs combined.

Ithyphallophobia is the fear of erections.

Soccer fans in Italy are called "tifosi" meaning "carriers of typhus" because their fanatism is like a fever.

1 in 25 U.S. teenagers has attempted suicide.

Honey bees can distinguish human faces.

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