18 Everyday Things You’ve Been Doing Wrong

An apple didn't hit Isaac Newton in the head but it did make him wonder if the force that makes apples fall influences the moon's motion around Earth.

Clouds fly higher during the day than the night.

More than half of the U.S. is now abnormally dry or officially in a drought.

18 Everyday Things You've Been Doing Wrong

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

We share 98.4% of our DNA with a chimp.

"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God" was Benjamin Franklin's suggested motto for the Great Seal of the U.S.

Fish can drown in water.

103countries have abolished the death penalty. Notable exceptions include the U.S. Japan and China.

Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle until the age of 16 when he took the throne.

The 1556 Shaanxi earthquake in China was the deadliest earthquake on record with 830 000 deaths.

When you get a book published in Norway the Government will buy a 1000 copies and distribute them to libraries.

60%of South Korean families use professionals to find a name for their babies.

More people go to church on Sunday in China than in the whole of Europe.

Barack Obama has the most followers on Twitter of any world leader.

Before trees were common the Earth was covered with giant mushrooms.

The country code for Russia is “007″.

We spend about 10% of our waking hours with our eyes closed blinking.

In 2012 Nevada became the first state to issue licenses for self-driving cars.

A housefly hums in the key of F.

Husky dogs have been banned from Antarctica since 1994.

The town of Calma Chile in the Atacama Desert has never had rain.

Bill Gates' children will only inherit US$10 million each out of his US$72 billion net worth.

Every year residents of Naco Arizona join residents of Naco Mexico for a volleyball match at the fence that separates the U.S. and Mexico.

Smoking near Apple computers voids the warranty.

The inventor of the Chocolate Chip Cookie sold the idea to Nestle Toll House in return for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

After defeating the Persians Alexander The Great started dressing like them and took two Persian wives.

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A Father's Diet Before Conception Plays a Crucial Role in a Child's Health.

A group of rhinos are called a crash.

In Peru there's a billboard that creates drinkable water out of thin air.

In the U.S. sitting on a sea turtle is a third degree felony.

A group of geese on the ground is called a gaggle a group of geese in the air is a skein.

Your bones are composed of 31% water.

In the first quarter of 2014 Apple earned more than Google Facebook and Amazon combined.

99% of a Panda's diet consists of bamboo.

Canada has the largest coastline in the world.

A day's worth of Twitter posts would fill a 10-million-page book.

There is a hotel in Sweden built entirely out of ice; it is rebuilt every year.

Arabic numerals are not really Arabic; they were created in India.

Water constitutes only 0.07% of the earth by mass or 0.4% of the earth by volume.

New Brain Connections Are Created Every Time You Form a Memory.

Abraham Lincoln's coffin has been moved 17 times and opened 5 times.

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