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Spiders can walk on water and breathe under it too.

It is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona.

Hitler's plan for Moscow was to kill all its residents and cover it with an artificial lake.


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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

There's a 'Rent a Mourner' service in the UK to fill your funeral with fake friends.

Nelson Mandela slept on a thin mat on a stone floor for most of his 27 years in prison.

The human eye can distinguish about 10 million different colors.

The longest one-syllable word in the English language is “screeched.”

Elephants have the longest pregnancy in the animal kingdom at 22 months. The longest human pregnancy on record is 17 months 11 days.

Germany's debt from WW1 was equivalent to 96 000 tons of gold.

There are roughly twenty-four thousand species of butterflies.

Philematologyis the science of kissing.

Butterflies can see red green and yellow.

The average dog can run about 19 mph.

The water in a blue whale's mouth weighs as much as its entire body.

Keanu Reeves gave US$80 million of his US$114 million salary for "The Matrix" movie to special effects and makeup staff.

When Neil Armstrong first walked on the moon he carried with him a piece of the Wright brothers' first airplane.

Godzilla was only seen for about 8 minutes in the 2014 film "Godzilla".

Non-dairy creamer is flammable.

In New York State it is illegal to but any alcohol on Sundays before noon.

The courts in New Zealand allowed a child to be named "Number 16 Bus Shelter."

In 2013 an Italian man under house arrest asked to go to prison to escape his wife.

A rhinoceros horn is made of compacted hair.

Holocaust denial is either implicitly or explicitly a crime in 17 countries including Germany and Austria.

Humans have caused 322 animal extinctions over the past 500 years.

No matter where you stand in Michigan you are never more than 85 miles from a Great Lake.


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Until the 19th century the English word for actors was "hypocrites."

A red blood cell can make a complete circuit of your body in 30 seconds.

Pregnant women at a healthy weight only need to eat an extra 300 calories per day.

A dog's sense of smell is 10 000 times stronger than humans.

The "Fi" in "WiFi" doesn't mean anything. The creators just called it that because it rhymed with "HiFi".

King Charles XIV of Sweden had a tattoo that read "Death to Kings"

Yoda from Star Wars was almost played by a monkey.

The Latin name for moose is alces alces.

Canadian researchers have found that Einstein’s brain was 15% wider than normal.

Whales can suffer from sunburns.

During Islam's Golden Age scientists were paid the equivalent of what pro athletes are paid today.

The volcanic system beneath Yellowstone holds enough lava to fill 11 Grand Canyons.

Carolyn Shoemaker has discovered 32 comets and approximately 300 asteroids.

A secret radio belonging to a British POW in WW2 was kept so well hidden that when he visited the camp 62 years later it was still there.

When Germany won the 2014 World Cup in Brazil it was the first time as a united country. The three previous times the soccer World Cup was won by West Germany.

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