15 Things Every Coffee Drinker Should Know

If Pinokio says “My Noes Will Grow Now”, it would cause a paradox. Details here.

During WW2 a Dutch warship was disguised as a tropical island to escape detection by the Japanese. It was the only ship of its class to survive.

US Dollar bills are made out of cotton and linen.

15 Things Every Coffee Drinker Should Know

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

On average half of all false teeth have some form of radioactivity.

47% of U.S. smartphone owners say their smartphone is something they "couldn't live without."

In 2014 a burglar in Minnesota was caught after he logged into his Facebook account on the home's PC and forgot to log out.

Scientists have performed brain surgery on cockroaches.

In Aspen Colorado you can have a maximum income of $104 000 and still receive government subsidized housing.

When young abalones feed on red seaweed their shells turn red.

The placement of the eyes of a donkey enables them to see all four of their legs at all times.

People who regularly eat dinner or breakfast in restaurants double their risk of becoming obese.

Elephants are scared of bees.

A very small minority of Jews believe that a Rabbi who died in 1994 is the Messiah and even an incarnation of God.

The Marshall Islands won't exist if we warm the planet 2 degrees.

Some worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food!

Rainbows are actually Circular. We don't typically see a full circle rainbow because the Earth's horizon blocks the lower part.

New Yorkers spent 74 hours of their lives in traffic jams in 2014.

There are more psychoanalysts per capita in Buenos Aires than any other place in the world.

Madonna suffers from garophobia which is the fear of thunder.

2 000 pounds of space dust and other space debris fall on the Earth everyday.

An Iraqi man moved to Australia and used the Welfare System as income. Years later he became successful and wrote a check to the government for every cent they gave him.

There's only one STOP sign in the entire city of Paris.

Your stomach needs to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks or it would digest itself.

Roughly a third of the world's adult population smokes.

The International Space Station is the most expensive object ever built at US$150 billion.

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Every cigarette you smoke reduces your expected life span by 11 minutes.

In the UK if you reach your 100th birthday you get a personalized card from the Queen.

Sweden and Norway formed a United Kingdom from 1814 to 1905.

Elvis Presley was a karate black belt.

After eating, a housefly regurgitates its food and then eats it again.

If Texas were a nation it would be the world's 7th largest oil producer.

U.S. Families living in extreme poverty with less than US$$2 per day has doubled to 1.5 million since 1996.

The farthest distance from Earth an astronaut has ever traveled was during the Apollo 13 emergency.

Car wrecks are the number one cause of death for Americans under 35.

87% of scientists believe climate change is mostly caused by human activity while only 50% of the public does.

About 100 elephants are being killed every day for their ivory.

Earth is the only place in the Solar System where water can be present in its three states: solid liquid and vapour.

The Human eyes never grow but nose and ears never stop growing.

Mexican General Santa Anna had an elaborate state funeral for his amputated leg.

Alcohol doesn't make you forget anything. When you get blackout drunk the brain temporarily loses the ability to create memories.

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