10 People Who Got Revenge On Cheaters

A lion’s roar can be heard from five miles away.

The swan has over 25,000 feathers on its body.

63%of U.S. prison inmates can't read.

10 People Who Got Revenge On Cheaters

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Rape is reported every six minutes in the U.S.

If you could watch all of "The Simpsons" episodes without ads nor sleep it'd take about 8.5 days.

Several people have been murdered for unfriending someone on Facebook.

The creator of the iPod first offered the idea to Philips and RealNetworks but they failed to see its potential.

The slogan on New Hampshire license plates is “Live Free or Die.” These license plates are manufactured by prisoners in the state prison in Concord.

Only one in two billion people will live to be 116 or older.

Listening to music while working out measurably improves physical performance.

Open up a conversation in Facebook Messenger and type @fbchess play to start a game of chess with a friend.

Approximately 100 people die each year when they are stepped on by cows.

Stockholm the capital of Sweden is built on 14 islands and the city centre is virtually situated on the water.

The average person walks the equivalent of twice around the world in a lifetime.

Between 25% and 33% of the population sneeze when exposed to light.

A jumbo jet uses 4 000 gallons of fuel to take off.

In Virginia it is illegal to hunt on a Sunday except for raccoons which can be hunted until 2 AM.

47% of U.S. smartphone owners say their smartphone is something they "couldn't live without."

Mount Everest is littered with not just the corpses of climbers but an estimated 50 tons of waste making it world's dirtiest mountain.

Iceland consumes more Coca-Cola per capita than any other nation.

Headless cockroaches are capable of living for weeks. They die from starvation.

In Canada Mexico India Russia and Israel bank notes have Braille-like markings on them for the blind.

The international telephone dialing code for Antarctica is 672.

The first soccer game televised was a friendly match between Arsenal's first and second team in 1937.

Giraffes are the tallest animals in the world. Males can grow up to 18 feet (5.5 meters) tall.

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Did You Know That?

The male gypsy moth can “smell” the virgin female gypsy moth from 1.8 miles away (pretty good trick).

Angelina Jolie's breast cancer announcement doubled the number of women being tested in its first few months.

The placement of a donkey’s eyes in it’s head enables it to see all four feet at all times!

The turkey is one of the most famous birds in North America.

1 in 3 people feels more dissatisfied with their lives after visiting Facebook according to a study.

Caesar salad has nothing to do with any of the Caesars. It was first concocted in a bar in Tijuana Mexico in the 1920′s.

A person can live without food for about a month but only about a week without water.

Bill Gates aimed to become a millionaire by the age of 30. However he became a billionaire at 31.

Up to 80% of an average car is recyclable.

Bart Simpsons' voice is played by a woman.

If your laptop feels hot don't put it on your lap if you're a man it may cause infertility.

College textbooks prices in the U.S. have risen faster than health-care housing and inflation.

Dog nose prints are as unique as human finger prints and can be used to identify them.

Every year since 1966 the town of Gavle Sweden erects a giant straw goat for Christmas and almost every year vandals burn it.

A Rhino's horn is made of compacted hair.

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