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10 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

Zebras are responsible for more injuries to U.S. zookeepers than any other animal.

At birth, a panda is smaller than a mouse and weighs about four ounces.

Children's Day is celebrated in India on November 14th 9 months after Valentine's Day.

10 Hidden Messages In Famous Logos

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Olympic Gold Medals only contain 1.34% of gold.

Mosquitoes prefer blood type "O" to any other.

The inventor of the heart stent approached numerous companies for funding and was rejected. It was funded by the owner of Fuddrucker's restaurant whom he met by chance on a golf course.

Anise is the scent on the artificial rabbit that is used in greyhound races.

People drink more slowly when alcohol is served in straight-sided glasses than when it's served in glasses with curved sides a research found.

Cows have best friends and become sad when they are separated according to scientists.

The word "Gaga" in Filipino refers to a stupid and idiotic girl.

Russia & America are less than 4 km apart at the nearest point.

There are an average of 178 sesame seeds on a McDonald’s Big Mac bun.

Impotence is legal grounds for divorce in 24 American states.

There are no 24 hours in a day. It has 23 hours 56 minutes and 4 seconds the time it takes the earth to rotate on its axis.

A snake has no ears. But its tongue is extremely sensitive to sound vibrations. By flicking its tongue a snake can pick up sound waves-so a snake ‘hears with his tongue…sort of!

The "99% effective" label on birth control pills means that 1 out of 100 women who use the pill in a year will get pregnant.

In 1999 the U.S. government paid the Zapruder family US$16 million for the film of JFK's assassination.

The Diary of Anne Frank is banned in Lebanon for "portraying Jews Israel or Zionism favorably".

There's a 9/11 Memorial in Israel constructed of steel from the remains of the WTC.

Cleopatra was the first in the dynasty of Greek rulers of Egypt who could speak Egyptian.

Nutella was invented during WW2 when an Italian pastry maker mixed hazelnuts into chocolate to extend his cocoa supply.

In 1892 over 200 people left Australia to create "New Australia " a utopian socialist settlement in Paraguay.

Coffee doesn't taste like it smells because saliva wipes out half of the flavor.

“Ithyphallophobia” is a morbid fear of seeing thinking about or having an erect penis.

There are over 500 000 alcohol-related deaths in Russia each year.

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Gustave Eiffel the man who designed the Eiffel Tower was also behind the design for the Statue of Liberty's spine.

The bat is the only mammal that can fly.

Burning Mountain Australia has an underground natural coal fire that has been burning for about 6 000 years.

The human brain has the same consistency as tofu.

In 2013 a bacteria was found in New Zealand that's resistant to every single antibiotic known.

There are 28 million cancer survivors worldwide.

Mississippi didn't ratify the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery until 2013.

In 2008 Norway donated US$1 billion to help save the Amazon rainforest.

Female harp seals get in groups to have their babies one mating season is over.

You were born with 300 bones but by the time you are an adult you will only have 206.

During a revolt at the Auschwitz Concentration Camp a member of the SS was stabbed then burned alive in a crematorium oven.

The World's oldest known creature a mollusc was 507 years old until scientists killed it by mistake.

The Incas revered the coca plant as being sacred or magical.

Michael Jackson had a meeting at the WTC on 9/11 but overslept.

Cy Twombly's painting "Untitled" is worth up to US$2 3 million.

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