10 Everyday Things That Could Kill You

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The most common name in world is Muhammad.

In 1990 Engineers digging a railway tunnel under the English Channel broke through the last dividing rock and joined Britain to mainland Europe for the first time since the Ice Age.

At birth, baby kangaroos are only about an inch long – no bigger than a large water bug or a queen bee.

10 Everyday Things That Could Kill You

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

The wombat's poop is cubic.

Barbie’s full name is Barbara Millicent Roberts.

If you eat a polar bear liver you'll die. Humans can't handle that much vitamin A.

In Japan 685 kids were rushed to hospitals in 1997 after an intense Pokemon episode that caused dizziness vomiting and seizures.

The population of Ireland still hasn't recovered from the famine of 1845-1852. It was at 8 million before the famine and is at 6.5 million today.

The lack of physical activity is one of the leading causes of preventable death worldwide.

Astronauts on the International Space Station exercise about 2 hours per day.

Bill Gates’ first business was Traff-O-Data a company that created machines which recorded the number of cars passing a given point on a road.

A group of toads is called a knot.

London only reached its pre-WW2 population level in January 2015.

There is no record of a human being attacked by a healthy wolf.

In Japan there are more pets than children.

Each of us generates about 3.5 pounds of rubbish a day most of it paper.

Mr. Rogers is an ordained minister.

Figlet an ASCII font converter program stands for Frank Ian and Glenn’s LETters.

In English four is the only digit that has the same number of letters as its value.

The average person’s left hand does 56% of the typing.

A baby goat is called a “kid”.

If Apple didn't hold US$181 billion overseas it would owe US$59 billion in U.S. taxes.

The world's oldest hotel has been operating since 705 AD.

The top six foods that make your fart are beans, corn, bell peppers, cauliflower, cabbage and milk!

In Poole, ‘Pound World’ went out of business because of a store across the road called ’99p Stores’, which was selling the same products but for just 1 pence cheaper! Read More.

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Did You Know That?

Bikinis and tampons invented by men.

A full moon always rises at sunset.

Shorter women have shorter pregnancies a study found.

A scholar who studies the Marquis de Sade is called a Sadian not a Sadist.

There are more English words beginning with the letter "s" than with any other letter.

Mr. Rogers was an ordained minister.

Greece has been in a state of default for half its modern history as a sovereign state.

In 2013 a fake tweet temporarily wiped out US$130 billion off the stock market.

Paris Syndrome is a psychological disorder mainly suffered by Japanese people caused after realizing Paris isn't what they expected.

No word in the English language rhymes with month orange silver or purple.

Only one in two billion people will live to be 116 or older.

The only 15-letter word that can be spelled without repeating a letter is uncopyrightable.

There's a breed of bacteria that lives in hairspray.

In 1961 Robert F Kennedy said the U.S. would have a black president within 40 years.

The U.S. has more people of Norwegian descent than Norway.

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