10 Brilliant Life Hacks You Didn’t Know

Certain fireflies emit a light so penetrating that it can pass through flesh and wood.

Dogs are as smart as a 2-year-old baby. They can learn and understand over 150 words.

Abraham Lincoln was shot on Good Friday.

10 Brilliant Life Hacks You Didn't Know

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

"Good cholesterol" (HDL) can "turn bad" and solidify into fat-clogs.

35 million of your cells die every minute.

It is possible to set up a holiday meal inside a car's engine compartment and drive long enough to fully cook all of the food.

Dogs have only recently been able to watch TV since they need about 70 images per second which older TVs couldn't deliver.

Italy has the eighth-largest economy in the world.

Mexico's official name is United Mexican States.

Slugs like beer.

The present population of 5 billion plus people of the world is predicted to become 15 billion by 2080.

Dogs and cats only sweat from their footpads and nose.

Julius Caesar was pronounced 'YOO-lee-us KYE-sahr' in ancient Rome.

Who’s that playing the piano on the “Mad About You” theme? Paul Reiser himself.

In 1999 it was reported in the UK that over 3 000 people were hospitalized after tripping over a laundry basket.

9 million people are in prisons around world and a quarter of them are in the U.S.

The UK is the only country not required to name itself on its postage stamps.

Uranus’ orbital axis is tilted at 90 degrees.

Two zebras died of hunger in a zoo in Palestine and were replaced with donkeys painted with black and white stripes.

Four empires collapsed after WWI: Ottoman Austro-Hungarian German and Russian.

Caffeine is made of carbon hydrogen nitrogen and oxygen. The same as cocaine thalidomide nylon TNT and heroin.

47%of the U.S. remains unoccupied despite having a population of 310 million.

A complete revolution around the Sun takes about 365 days and 6 hours. That's why our Gregorian calendar has a leap day.

Cats can get sick or die from eating chocolate.

Most Egyptians died by the time they were 30 about 300 years ago

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Did You Know That?

Titanic II will be a close replica of the Titanic and is set to sail in 2018.

Sharks will sink if they stop swimming.

A secret message was engraved inside Abraham Lincoln's pocket watch by a jeweler and it was not discovered until 2009.

The estimated value of the cash bonds and jewellery carried by The Titanic's passengers was US$6 000 000.

Michigan was the first state to have roadside picnic tables.

If the earth didn't have the moon our days would only be 6 hours long.

C.S. Lewis Aldous Huxley and John F. Kennedy died on the same day.

Poor women in the U.S. have a higher rate of obesity than wealthier women.

Water itself does not conduct electricity well but the impurities found in water do.

The Statue of Liberty's face was said to be modeled after the sculptor's mother Charlotte.

The first Canadian casualties of the Afghanistan war were from an American pilot bombing a training exercise.

Time Travel depictions in films and TV are banned in China.

The average person walks 75 000 miles (120 000 KM) in a lifetime or five times round the world.

Kissing someone for one minute burns about 2 calories.

A man rode his bike from Sweden to Mount Everest and then tried to summit. He turned around 300 feet from the top.

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