10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

The average secretary’s left hand does 56% of the typing.

The weird offspring of a donkey and a zebra is called a "zonkey."

The space between your eyebrows is called Nasion.

10 Animals That Came Back From Extinction

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The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!
The Most Amazing and Funny Facts!

Martin Luther King Jr. is a Grammy Award winner for Best Spoken Word Album.

Musician Eddie Van Halen blamed guitar picks for giving him tongue cancer.

The “dot” over the letter “i” is called a tittle.

According to astronauts space smells like seared steak hot metal and welding fumes.

On April 1 1974 black smoke was seen rising from Mount Edgecumbe a volcano in Alaska. When a Coast Guard pilot came closer to investigate he found 70 tires burning and the words "APRIL FOOL" spray painted into the snow.

In 1876 a gang of Chicago counterfeiters attempted to steal Abraham Lincoln's body from his tomb and request a US$200 000 ransom.

"Erotomania" is a psychological disorder in which the affected people believe a famous person is in love with them.

Declawing cats is legal in most U.S. states but banned in at least 22 countries including Germany Finland Switzerland Australia New Zealand and Japan.

White Chocolate isn't technically Chocolate as it contains no cocoa solids or cocoa liquor.

More Guinness beer is drunk in Nigeria than Ireland.

63 Earths can fit inside Uranus.

Google is developing a computer so smart it can program itself.

The flamingo can only eat when its head is upside down.

Alfred Hitchcock filmed a documentary about the Holocaust in 1945. It was hidden until 1984.

In 5 000 years of human history only one disease has been eradicated: smallpox.

Until the 1970s in Belgium table beer was served in schools refectories.

Edward VIII King of the UK in 1936 was a Nazi sympathiser and later argued that bombing England could bring peace by ending WW2.

Antarctica is the only continent that does not have land areas below sea level.

If Manhattan had the same population density as Alaska only 28 people would live on the island.

In 2013 a girl survived ASIANA's Plane Crash only to be run over and killed by a responding fire truck.

Tomatoes have more genes than humans.

Abraham Lincoln was shot on Good Friday.

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Did You Know That?

Over 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.

There are only four words in the English language which end in “dous”: tremendous horrendous stupendous and hazardous.

The U.S. government's "official expert" on Marijuana from 1938 to 1962 once testified in court under oath that he had smoked marijuana and it turned him into a bat.

KitKats' year production could stretch around the London Underground more than 350 times.

Every second the Sun sends to earth 10 times more neutrinos than the number of people on earth.

23%rose the cost of living in NYC in just five years: from 2009 to 2014.

Jackals have one more pair of chromosomes than dogs or wolves.

The most poisonous fish in the world is the stone fish.

Spain has two major exclaves Ceuta and Melilla in mainland Africa.

The average human blinks their eyes 6 205 000 times each year.

Since all British passports are issued in the Queen Elizabeth II's name she herself doesn't have one.

The world's steepest street is Baldwin St. with a 38° gradient in Dunedin New Zealand.

When a male tiger and female lion mate they make a tigon, when a male lion and female tiger mate they make a liger.

It's estimated 1.5 million people are "missing missing" in the U.S.; people who have disappeared but haven't been reported as missing.

Karoke means empty orchestra in Japanese.

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